Barrellhouse Queen shares J.D. HANGOVER video

Barrellhouse Queen shares J.D. HANGOVER video

Barrellhouse Queen – J.D. HANGOVER

Directed by Stiv Cantarelli and Antonio Palmigiano shot by Stiv Cantarelli, Gerry Ranson, Tommy Billi.


Members of Italian punk-blues gods STIV CANTARELLI & THE SILENT STRANGERS meld Delta blues with SUICIDE on the first fruit of a new duo project, J.D. HANGOVER.

‛Barrelhouse Queen’ is taken from the forthcoming 6-track J.D. Hangover EP, due out this Autumn trhough Annibale Records (Dead Coast, The Shivas, Kim and The Created).

Steeped in the murky twilight of East London villainy, the accompanying minimalist video was shot in the suitably noirish locations of the Greenwich foot tunnel and Hackney’s notorious ‘murder mile’, Lower Clapton Road.

Written in a van while driving from one gig to another, the songs of J.D.Hangover are located in no particular place or time. Dealing with a lack of trust in the music business, Stiv Cantarelli and Roberto Villa reacted following different paths. Roberto, he built by scratch L’Amor Mio Non Muore , an all-analogue studio in his hometown of Forli. No computers allowed, just tape recorders, ribbon microphones and spring reverbs.

Stiv, he sat in a room with an old friend, his Roland TR77 electronic drummer and a 4-track cassette recorder. While playing music, listening to Alan Vega and Lightnin’ Hopkins, he created a sort of non-persona, an alter ego called James Dean Hangover. A man with no birthplace and no country, who didn’t have ties with anyone but the true spirit of his songs.

“We wanted to recreate the same atmosphere of being in one room with all the gear and play live. So we put a 50’s RCA microphone in between us and the tube amps that we used to amplify the instruments and the drum machine. That mic recorded the reverbs, the noises, the sights, the moving feet, the crackling chairs in the room. We mixed it with guitar feedback, tape delay and the organ fuzz tone. We played it back and we thought we nailed it.”




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Barrellhouse Queen shares J.D. HANGOVER video