BCore’s Albums Of The Year 2016 #punk #hardcore #folk #pop

BCore’s Albums Of The Year 2016 #punk #hardcore #folk #pop

BCore’s Albums Of The Year 2016

The following albums are all the BCore Disc LP’s released in 2016. They have received good reviews by the Spanish music media. Feel free to send us feedback, ask for downloads, press kits or anything you may need.


About BCore Disc

BCore Disc is one of the key reference record labels of Spanish independent music. Founded in 1990 in Barcelona and influenced, in the beginning, by the hardcore and punk 80’s scene, the label has managed to carry on their DIY premise for more than 25 years. Inspired by American labels like Dischord, SST or Touch and Go!, BCore has focused on indie rock and other music tendencies from the Barcelona and Spain underground movement. The label currently covers a number of genres that go from punk, hardcore and surf to pop, folk, rock and instrumentals. Read more…


BAD MONGOS ‘Shoot The Bullet’

A bulldozer full of venom and bile that draws an imaginary line between Detroit (The Stooges, MC5), New York (Ramones, Dead Boys), Scandinavia (Turbonegro, Gluecifer) and, of course, the Costa Brava (Catalonia, Spain) where they come from. #TheStooges #DeadBoys #Turbonegro +INFO / LISTEN


Followers of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Nada Surf or Los Planetas, Aldrin y Collins offer six songs, in Spanish, emo guitars and alternative rage without forgetting their usual elegance and a rhythmic base that is pure class. #SunnyDayRealEstate #NadaSurf #LosPlanetas +INFO / LISTEN

CRIM ‘Blau Sang, Vermell Cel’

A clear example of what a punk rock band should sound like. Solid and concise guitars, husky vocals, clear and arrogant, a powerful rhythmic section that makes the sound trap and drown you in a sea of sounds. #Leatherface #CockSparrer #SocialDistortion +INFO / LISTEN

IT’S NOT NOT ‘Fool The Wise’

From lo-fi to hi-fi for Fool The Wise, a hegemonic piece that is reinforced thanks to the complicity between drums and base. The rhythmic base builds a devilled maelstrom, giving space for the vocals and guitar, both mutable and melodic, to dance, exchange roles and share the limelight. #LesSavyFav #Liars #HotHotHeat +INFO / LISTEN

CÁLIDO HOME ‘Tones And Shapes’

This Catalan duo of North American inspired folk music have released the best folk album in Spain this year 2016. Two guitars and two singers, all in English and with silence as an active element of the music. #IndieFolk #KarenDalton #VashtiBunyan +INFO / LISTEN


Los Retrovisores, borrowers and revitalizers at the same time. Mod references, r’n’b outbursts, hurricane blows by their wind section and the amazing energy of their frontman, Victor. Hormonal madness, they are ready to dance. #Mod #Soul #RevivalSixties +INFO / LISTEN

PENNY COCKS ‘Fake Gold & Broken Teeth’

This album is their particular ‘Punk and Disorderly’, a collection of punk classics from before and after the ’77 punk explosion. The band says they look for “The Jam in melody, Cockney Rejects in roughness and Stiff Little Fingers in sound” but, even if they try to sound old-school, they cannot help having that speedy sound so characteristic of our current times. #TheJam #CockneyRejects #StiffLittleFingers +INFO / LISTEN

FUTURO TERROR ‘Su Nombre Real Es Otro’

Straight forward, more precise, more raw, they wanted to go straight to the point, they wanted to keep that empowering attitude and punk aptitude, even though this album is more pop than ever. They seem to have found that rare master formula that combines quality, good work and an outstanding capacity for creating songs that enchant, seduce and create, an almost instant addiction. #JayReatard #TheSpits #TheMarkedMen +INFO / LISTEN

WILD ANIMALS ‘Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy’

Wild Animals cut the crap and answer with action. It’s impossible to not fall for both their ethics and their ‘image’ –understood due to the array of music references involved-. Both born from ’90 indie culture, hardcore combustion and a dominant and vital need to perform, spread the word, expand the sound. #Superchunk #Jawbreaker #HüskerDü +INFO / LISTEN

CALA VENTO ‘Cala Vento’

Brilliant lyrics, an outstanding dramatic pulse and that youthful energy that makes rock music such a special and necessary genre. Think Japandroids or Nueva Vulcano. Aleix and Joan share a passion for duos that use a guitar and drums as the minimum unit a rock band can use, and quickly turn into one of the most intense live acts in the Spanish indie movement. #Japandroids #NuevaVulcano #CloudNothings +INFO / LISTEN


Colomo has managed to achieve what so many try and so few attain: an unmistakable style. His dreamy and caustic pop, both naive and desperate at the same time gives each song its best. Think in a Catalan Devendra Banhart, for example. #Songwriter #IndieFolk #ProtestSong +INFO / LISTEN

POWER BURKAS ‘Llarga Vida Al Tarannà’

Theirs is the spark; theirs is the rage and force. Punk is theirs. Power Burkas have no problem with drinking from many a fountain as long as they quench their thirst, from Fugazi to The Velvet Underground, from Minutemen to The Beatles, from Sonics to Jawbox. And they sing in Catalan. #Minutemen #Fugazi #Deerhoof +INFO / LISTEN


The trio are well known for their world tours and for being members of bands like Supersordo or Insurgentes. This is their first album with BCore, full of their usual post-hardcore punch and social/emotional lyrics. Think Shellac, The Jesus Lizard or No Means No. #Shellac #TheJesusLizard #NoMeansNo +INFO / LISTEN

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BCore’s Albums Of The Year 2016 #punk #hardcore #folk #pop