Beautiful Bodies To Release Debut Album ‘Battles’

Beautiful Bodies To Release Debut Album ‘Battles’

Pre-orders for ‘Battles’ are available at KRM

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Kansas City (US) alt-rock trio Beautiful Bodies will release their debut album,Battles, on June 15 on Epitaph. The band announced their signing to the label in 2014 and shortly after that they entered the studio with producer John Feldmann for Battles. Listen to the first new track “Capture & Release” with their debut video (below). Pre-orders for Battles are available at KRM.

Battles positively crackles with energy, yet the band’s feisty attack never overpowers the melodic charm of songs the debut single “Capture & Release”.Whether playing live or recording in the studio, however, there’s no difference in the contagious level of energy and commitment that Beautiful Bodies brings to their music.

Watch the video for “Capture & Release” Now:

When Alicia Solombrino (vocals), Thomas Becker (guitar, drums), and Luis Arana (bass) first crossed paths five years ago, making music together was the furthest thing from either of their minds. Solombrino was busy singing in her own band, playing keyboards in a self-described “art rock project” with bassist Luis Arana; Becker, a former member of Gratitude and a graduate of Harvard Law School, had chucked his musical aspirations in favor of human rights law — at the time, he was living in Bolivia and suing the country’s former president for human rights violations. But Solombrino’s magnetic, high-energy presence and total lack of inhibition immediately convinced Becker that he’d found his artistic soul mate.

“I was back in Kansas City on a Christmas break,” Becker recalls, “and Alicia and I went to some hoity-toity art show. I didn’t know it at the time, but Alicia knows literally every Michael Jackson and James Brown dance — all of a sudden, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ came on, and she just busted into the entire dance. There are fancy hors d’oeuvres being served, and here’s Alicia doing ‘Thriller’ in the middle of this art gallery. I was like, ‘That girl is f-cking awesome. I need to hang out with her!’ That’s seriously what lured me in!”
Long-distance songwriting exchanges commenced immediately upon Becker’s return to Bolivia, and the collaboration — and momentum — built steadily from there as the songs kept coming. “It wasn’t like, ‘We want to have a band that sounds like this!,’” Becker explains. “We had all these different ideas. I was coming from a punk place…” “I was coming from more of a pop-soul place,” adds Solombrino,” but punk as well — like a mixture of Michael Jackson and Blondie together.”
For Beautiful Bodies, it all ultimately comes down to one thing: Energy. The alt-rock band’s unapologetically loud-and-hooky music and their fabulously chaotic live shows stem directly from an all-consuming desire to tap into the cosmic power grid, and channel it full-force to the world at large.
Beautiful Bodies will be playing this year’s Vans Warped Tour in the US.

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Battles Track List
1. Animal
2. Capture & Release
3. September 1973
4. War Inside Your Heart
5. She’s A Blast
6. Lies
7. Ravens
8. Subversive Lover
9. Good Luck, and Good Night
10. Invincible
11. Forever
12. Gone, Gone, Gone

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Beautiful Bodies To Release Debut Album ‘Battles’