Bend Sinister stare Walk The Other Way

Bend Sinister stare Walk The Other Way

“It’s a common thing after touring in a band for 12 years to hear people say “you must have some crazy stories”. We guess it’s true – 12 years in vans, airplanes, and buses, traveling different places every night, you collect a lot of stories. But the ones that count have already been recorded. They’re in the 7 albums that we have released. The stories that matter are pressed in wax. They live in the hearts of our dedicated cult fan base.

But there are still more stories to tell and we’re not finished yet. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our next chapter: we’ve signed to Cordova Bay and are gearing up to put out our new record.

First, we’re releasing the new EP’s title track “Walk The Other Way” on Soundcloud. Big thanks to Indie88 for the premiere!

It is a song that fits with Bend Sinister’s way of life, rolling against the grain. It urges us to take notice of the world and take action, but also realizes how hard it can be to look past the blinders of our own personal lives.

We’d love if you could share the new single and appreciate the support as we venture into this new phase of the band.

Hope to talk soon,

Bend Sinister”

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Bend Sinister stare Walk The Other Way