Berlin-based Irish band All The Luck In The World return with "Golden October"

Berlin-based Irish band All The Luck In The World return with "Golden October"



“Golden October” is the first in a line of new music from Irish threesome All The Luck In The World (Neil Foot, Ben Connolly and Kelvin Barr) since their highly praised 2014 self-titled album. It’s a resonant single of cinematic violins, humble acoustic guitars, resplendent percussion and endearing vocals that detail the nostalgic memories of a past romance.

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As the band explain, “Golden October was written maybe 3 years ago, so it kind of serves as a time capsule to us. The inspiration and thought behind the song might no longer be as relevant in our lives, but it takes us back to when it was. The song is about accepting shortcomings and moving on positively, so in ways that’s a nice reminder to have.”

This alternative-folk single also comes with the promise of a new album, written and recorded in County Wicklow, Ireland and completed in Berlin. It’s been a labour of love since 2015, when the band decided to focus on crafting a unique soundscape, creating their own home-made instruments by sampling organic, acoustic sounds. They converted a forgotten woodshed into a studio space in the Wicklow countryside, and aptly named it Haven. Here the band began to compose and craft songs based around a set of stories, both personal and abstract, that were patiently developed over the course of a year. The album was then recorded between this space and Golden Retriever Studio in Berlin with the help of producer Paul Pilot.

Speaking about this creative process:

“It was tedious, but it was exactly what we wanted to be doing. It took over our lives for quite awhile, getting lost in detail and learning as we went. The hours put in back in Wicklow really paid off when we came to the studio in Berlin. We were not just making simple demos only to start from scratch once in the studio, we built much of the songs before even starting in Golden Retriever. This gave us more time to be creative in the studio, availing of tools and instruments that we lacked back home.”

It was after finishing their studies in Summer 2017 that the band moved to Berlin to begin a new chapter:

“It was just a decision to move forward. We had spent much time in the city over the last few years, and found that it was reliably conducive to creativity. Those scattered stints in Berlin were always promising, and of course the nature of life in Berlin is appealing. When we arrived, there was no fear or worry. It felt right, as a band and as people.”

For a band who have been together since 2013, when Connolly and Barr joined forces with founding member Foot, their sophomore LP has been a long time coming, but their attention to detail, storytelling and genuine lyrics comes through each and every track on the album.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, the band received first international attention due to the home-recorded “Never”, which sold more than 120,000 singles on iTunes worldwide. After signing with Barfilm and Haldern Pop Records, they released their eponymous album on January 1st 2014, and subsequently toured the record across Europe. After many distinguished festival slots and three headline club tours, they began to turn their focus to new material.

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Berlin-based Irish band All The Luck In The World return with "Golden October"