Bianca Casady & The C.i.A share "Poor Deal" music video, album art & revealed + European tour

Bianca Casady & The C.i.A share "Poor Deal" music video, album art & revealed + European tour

Bianca Casady & The C.i.A Announces Oscar Hocks out on January 22nd via Atlas Chair / FANTASYmusic

(track listing below + pre-order HERE)

“Poor Deal” music video (dir J.M. Ruellan) below

“Poor Deal” via Pitchfork HERE

Currently on a 22-date European “Porno Thietor” tour

(live dates below)

Bianca Casady & The C.i.A announces her album release for Oscar Hocks on January 22nd and shares a J.M. Muellan-directed video for the lead track “Poor Deal” HEREtoday. The visual artist J.M. Muellan is a long time collaborator and part of the band. Bianca Casady is currently out for a 22-date tour in Europe performing the new music staged in a theater-like setting. Bianca has created a small book of poems, photographs and fragments titled “Porno Thietor”, that include portraits of the characters who live in her songs. The book can be found online as a limited edition with purchase of the deluxe vinyl HERE and available on tour.


Poor Deal video

With her sister Sierra, Bianca Casady has created the great surreal Pop-Art-World calledCocoRosie. About her solo work, she says:

“I often played the dark side of CocoRosie. And now I don’t have to worry about being too dark, too scary, too weird.”

Bianca Casady once more steps out of the familiar CocoRosie context to embark on a new musical-performance project, “Porno Thietor”. Together with dancer Bino Sauitzvy, and musicians Michal Skoda, Takuya Nakamura, Doug Wieselman, and visual artist/pianist J.M.Ruellan, who form the C.i.A. she explores the mechanical-theatrics of performing music. This “show” is an introspective and intimate performance which often crosses over into territories of ritual, nightmare and fantasy. She has invited performance artists Lærke Grøntved to perform and sing backing vocals as well as scenographer Corentin JPM Leven doing light/video and stage design, both whom she recently created the theater work Mother Hunting which premiered at the National Theater in Oslo last March. Together with this artistic team she brings new songs in a multi-media performance to stages across Europe and later in North America. In early 2016 her record will be released viaFANTASYmusic in Europe and Atlas Chair in North and South America. Pitchfork revealed the track “Poor Deal” earlier. Casady designs a mysterious and suggestive parallel world starting from an untuned piano, a dusty typewriter and a pile of broken umbrellas.

Her songs are performative gems from a strange music Wonderland, which can now be experienced in a concert performance. The show has been premiered on August 6th at Summer Festival Kampnagel in Hamburg, followed by Zurcher Theaterspektakel, David Byrne’s London Meltdown Festival, and Berlin PopKultur amongst others.
Bianca Casady & The C.i.A’s “Porno Thietor” live shows:
11-13 Brussels, Belgium – Botanique Orangerie
11-14 Den Haag, Netherlands – Crossing Border Festival
11-15 Frankfurt, Germany – Mousonturm
11-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso Noord
11-17 Köln, Germany – Kulturkirche Köln
11-18 München, Germany – Kammerspiele
11-19 Wien, Austria – Brut
11-21 Bern, Switzerland – Dampfzentrale
11-23 Milano, Italy – Bellezza
11-24 Roma, Italy – Teatro Studio
11-25 Bologna, Italy – Locomotive
11-26 Firenze, Italy – Viper
11-28 Marseille, France – Espace Julien
11-30 Paris, France – L’Alhambra
12-01 Brighton, England – Corn Exchange
12-02 Bristol, England – The Lantern
12-03 London, England – ATP Pop-Up Venue


Bianca Casady & The C.i.A – Oscar Hocks track listing:
(pre-order HERE to receive instant grat “Poor Deal”)
01. Poor Deal
02. Hay Lofts
03. Daisy Chain
04. Hobo
06. Roadkill
07. Oscar Hocks
08. Dead Season
09. Lordess Moon
10. Miracle of a Rose
11. Left Shoe
12. Tumbleweed

(see written out text below)

Bianca Casady & The C.i.A

Official press release text:

“Welcome to the Porno Thietor
Starring Jack-Shit AKA Jhonny Be Good Sometimes on the piano
The first member of the infamous men in black sunglasses, C.i.A.
Cult International Alliance connecting angels with humans
I, Bianca Irish Casady am working from the shadows
Dealing with the devil, being baught and sold, hosting the whole affair
Porno Thietor is a work I started in 1994 in Santa Barbara California
When I was twelve years old. Working with dancer/actor Bino Sauitzvy
Who is playing the Handless Maiden among a whole cast of other night crawlers
Has been in part a kind of auto-erotic-portrature. Together we explore some
Common nightmares as well as fantasies. Takuya Nakamura, who is often on piano.

 In other musical situations, is here in the C.i.A. playing trumpet and electric bass.
There are unexplainable dark and red moments with a kind of back-alley jazz, Tak
Mixed tones with legendary Bass Clarinetist Douglas Wieselman, as well as many
Saxy moments, honking at the moonlight, Doug AKA Agent Hank shreads a desert highway
Guitar in a way that is forbidden to many players. In this upcoming episode with the
C.i.A. we meet a new drummer, a kid we picked up in Prague. He showed up in a black
Suit so he got the job. He still doesn’t have his agent name. He goes by Michal Skoda.
Welcome to the Porno Thietor, it’s the dead season, and you are all invuted to play
Cops & Robbers with us in our secret society, Cowboys and Indians, it’s the one who
Keeps the secret wins.
Yours Truley
Bianca Casady
the C.i.A

Bianca Casady & The C.i.A “Poor Deal” lyrics:

my father made a deal with the devil

he promised to give me away

if the devil made him rich and handsome
he thought it was a small price to pay
so the devil he come to get me
but my tears were way too salty
so he said
“cut off her hands
cut em clear off”
and ill be back next tuesday
oh my poor mother she cried buckets
and then she mopped the kitchen floor
she bagged my daddy to call it all off
she begged him
he said
“when you deal with the devil
the deal is done”
my mother said babe we’re leaving
pay your bag
bush don’t say a word
while your pa’s out late drinking
well make like winter birds
we can take a plane, we can take a train, we can take a car
far from here
we better make haste
there’s no time to waste
before the devil gets here
the first time i met him
he was wearing a blue suit
my mother recalled me
as i laced up my boot
he gave me a jar of butterflies
and oh how my heart fluttered by
it flew past the graves of
the lady hearts he’s slain
but oh how i can’t imagine
things so profane
i don’t need your knickknacks
i don’t need none of that
just me all the warmth
that your soul can afford
so he gave me a ring and he made me his thing
we can take a plane, we can take a train, we can take a car
far from here
we better make haste
there’s no time to waste
before the devil gets here
if God and the devil are the same
than who is your daddy now?

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Bianca Casady & The C.i.A share "Poor Deal" music video, album art & revealed + European tour