Bikini Beach – Fatal Consequences of Masturbation

Bikini Beach – Fatal Consequences of Masturbation

There’s great album titles, and then there’s GREAT album titles.  Bikini Beach’s latest record is of the latter.

The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation finds Bikini Beach marching proudly with their chosen tradition.  Garage Rock is a genre that demands strict adherence to a code of ethics and this Berlin power trio makes certain to focus on the most important of these; decent tunage.

Moments of  the classic Pixies ‘quiet loud’ approach pay off well as in the raucous opener ‘Hot Coffee’ which falls nicely into the meditation on

all things mundane ‘Bored’.  There’s great comfort to be had knowing that kids will always be ready to rock in name of feeling unimpressed with life.  Apathy is the universal truth of all things cool.

Lead off single and set highlight ‘Rotten’ could be a lost gem from an early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club session and closer ‘Smells Like Tuna Sandwich’ is reminiscent of Oh Sees shenanigans.

Our German hosts reportedly formed after losing a local band competition.  Garage Rock is the perfect place for losers given that the elite are the target and the underdog are the heroes.  Bikini Beach props this up well with a tight 30 minute set of noise and hooks that’s sure to satisfy any punk loyalist or novice alike. 7.8/10

Ben Stephanus

19.10.2017 Berlin − Schokoladen, DE
20.10.2017 Hamburg − Komet, DE
21.10.2017 Kassel − Goldgrube, DE
27.10.2017 Kreuzlingen − Horstclub, CH
17.11.2017 Konstanz − Alte Schachtel, DE
18.11.2017 Bludenz − Villa K, AT
15.12.2017 Winnenden − Juze, DE

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Bikini Beach – Fatal Consequences of Masturbation