Bitter’s Kiss – No One Will

Bitter’s Kiss – No One Will

Bitter’s Kiss is a two-piece indie pop band that is mainly a vehicle for singer-songwriter, Chloe Baker to showcase her talents.

Chloe is a teenager and her songs are about the hopes and dreams of one.  From Chloe’s latest EP, the track “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is Chloe indicting what love should be.  In “The Rope,” Chloe sings about teen suicide, while exploring topics like identity and finding something personally significant to make life meaningful.  Another song, “Too Far Too Fast,” is about her older sister embarking on her new life as she goes to college.  In the song, Chloe gives her older sister advice and talks about how fast time passes.

The New Jersey teenager grew up in a home filled with music.  Her father maintained a studio, a guitar collection and a band, and has been active in musical theater for years.  Chloe is currently attending High Tech, an arts academy in North Bergen, NJ.  She has been serious about song writing for around a year, and has worked with her father to record and produce her own music over the past several months.

Bitter’s Kiss consists of members Chloe Baker on (vocals, guitar, piano), and Michael Baker on (guitar, piano, bass, drums).

Bitter’s Kiss newly released single, entitled, “No One Will,” is an indie pop homage to Regina Spektor.  It is a catchy and upbeat pop track that plays with solo guitar strings and the simplicity of Chloe’s vocals.  Its sheer flightiness and quirky tunes will put anyone in a good mood.  It is about someone watching outside of a relationship.

The video to the single was shot in Cork, Ireland, and was produced by EPIC Productions Ireland.  With 110,000 Facebook followers and counting, Chloe’s acclaimed EP and several strong videos are enjoying itself in the spotlight with a rapidly expanding audience.

Chloe’s pop rock tracks carries, and it is no wonder that she is a rising act in New Jersey.  Be sure to hear more of Bitter’s Kiss soon.  7.7/10

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Bitter’s Kiss – No One Will