Black Sabbath@Glasgow Hydro, December 16th 2013

Black Sabbath@Glasgow Hydro, December 16th 2013

It’s a cold night in Glasgow and myself and my best friend have been on the pop since Friday night. All in anticipation for seeing Black Sabbath a few days later.

I’ve seen Black Sabbath once before but I jumped at the chance to see them in an arena setting as well as in a beautiful city. Tonight I make sure I get to The Hydro early as I wanted to see Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats who I’ve heard too many good things about.

Despite not knowing any Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats songs before seeing them I was instantly turned on to their sound. A mix of straight up rock and roll with a psychedelic old school vibe to them. These Cambridge boys are definitely ones to watch.

Next up are the mighty Black Sabbath who had e in two minds of whether or not to go for a cigarette before they went on, I’d just stood up to go outside when suddenly the lights dropped and the doom ridden wailing of War Pigs began.

Black Sabbath are a band who can never really do anything besides a greatest hits set as they are that big people expect to hear the classics. Bands such as Iron Maiden and AC/DC are also in this category along with Sabbath.

Songs such as Paranoid, Iron Man, Snowblind and Fairies Wear Boots are played full throttle with the audience lapping every bit of it up. Riffs, heavy drums, slick bass lines and a good vocal is all I and every other rock lover ask for in a band and Sabbath have always had this package over the years.

Black Sabbath also delve into their new album entitled 13, playing a handful of songs from this album which upon it’s release reached number one and although these songs might not be as well loved as their classics I suggest that people give them time to become anthems.

Also big props go to their current drummer Tommy Clufetos for not missing a beat through out the entire set and getting the entire room standing for a drum solo. This guy is a machine and fits with the tone of Sabbath perfectly.

Back in the day Black Sabbath were known for their levels of excess as well as their musical ability and it was always doubted if they would still be able to be as creative without the drugs. It’s great that we can say that in 2013 Black Sabbath are all clean and playing better than they have ever played before. 9/10
Chris Storey

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Black Sabbath@Glasgow Hydro, December 16th 2013