BLACKLUN Continental Baths EP And Black Bones Video

BLACKLUN Continental Baths EP And Black Bones Video

BLACKLUNG Continental Baths EP

Press Release
By Austin Collings
The Conservatives and co.: their faces are death-tackle. They stop hearts. They cast anxious shadows and make standing corpses of us. Humanity’s reckless potential leering above ALDI, above hundreds of fried chicken parlours, invading our peripherals, distorting our full-view. The billboard bastards: ferrety Farage (RIP), Miliband’s demented gazed eye-level to my own eyes on the 92 bus into town, Osborne and Cameron, like stuffed animals floating above urban skylines, becoming ever more visible as we enter this glowing May; temporary gods with skin like pastry – is it actual pastry? And Clegg (RIP).

The theme of their control is pain and how they wish to continue it. Like figures of myth BLACKLUNG (Dan Broomhall and James Moffatt) walk into this ashtray dystopia, armed not only with a pen but a sword, a guitar and a debut EP. First, let’s dispense with this originality fetish – I know of nothing original. Listen as that voice of Dan’s – that Stoke-born croon, that epic echo of Ian McCulloch and Scott Walker – and that dice-toss of a guitar sound enrich our collective sadness and frustrations as we entered farce time – Thursday 7th May 2015. The whole effect cuts through the immense confusion: the tension of England in the anxious shadows. We call it Kraut-Disco: the hypnotic drone of Kraut Rock befriending the defiance of Disco. Now it’s been said – or coined – it feels like it’s been here since bible times. The chime of recognition, of communicating an idea that thrills.

The coalition and co. should take note. We need to know things that others don’t know. We must understand we lead more interesting lives than we think. We write and steal and laugh and drink and dance and have sex as the rain beats hard on windows. We are flares of nature and BLACKLUNG are the tyre fire in the woods. Deep into a long night with Dan, he drank whatever was in front of him and said: ‘You lot are like the school kids who smoke on the back of buses.’ We need to realize that being called a ‘bad citizen’ is a compliment. Before we are finally planted, we need to decontrol ourselves, explore the question – and commit to the question – of what’s inside of us. Find new forms of deviancy until the fear flies away in little pieces of light. Until then, let the tyre fire burn. Let the fumes of our existence rise into skies through trees that continue to grow back. Let the sound of BLACKLUNG speak to people.

Watch  ‘Black Bones’

*A note on the BLACK BONES promo video/ Kraut-Disco film*
It was made on a budget of:
12 rashers of bacon
6 eggs (bought from the local shop: BOBBINS)
Dan’s favourite bread: MEGA-THICK
2 weekly bus-savers (now 14 quid a week – rip-off)
You don’t need money if you’re funny.
Sing until your soul departs. Sing your lungs out of your body.

BLACKLUNG’s Continental Baths EP will be released 26th June on Sways

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BLACKLUN Continental Baths EP And Black Bones Video