BLACKRAIN – ‘Black Rain’ (UDR)

BLACKRAIN – ‘Black Rain’ (UDR)

Formed in the French Alps in 2006, this sleazy metal band have been rocking for some time now, and after a string of self released albums, the band have signed to a major label, and picked up renowned producer Jack Douglas along the way. His engineering and production work has involved The Who, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith, so that’s no mean experience he’s brought to the table.

Their fifth full length album, ‘Blackrain’ feature Wan Hellion (guitars, lead vocals), Axel Max2  Charpentier (lead guitars), Matthieu De La Roche (bass) and Frank Frusette (drums). ‘Back In Town’ opens and is a gritty sleazy number that has a high tempo feel and mid-high vocals. It’s not the most melodic but does have a serious rocking mood. A good guitar solo and rolling rhythm all stand out.

There’s an ACDC feel to the intro of ‘Mind Control’, and a hint of The Cult too.  There’s something about ‘Kill Them All’ I do like, potential single, it’s a good and catchy track, the vocals are excellent, some keyboards augment the track well

This feel continues throughout the album, bursts of melody in a frenetic set of sleazy rock and metal that is a lot of fun. It also shows there’s more to French Metal than Trust.

The band have landed at a good label with a top producer and although it may on the surface seem like a debut, it isn’t, and the experience shows. More balls and a lot more metal than the sleaze of the late 80s. Enjoy. 8/10

Joe Geesin

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BLACKRAIN – ‘Black Rain’ (UDR)