BLAST UNIT MOSCOW new single and video ‘Footsteps In The Snow’ April 7th

BLAST UNIT MOSCOW new single and video ‘Footsteps In The Snow’ April 7th

“It was appearing before that there are not many reasons to be proud of rock music from Russia, but the album” KRIZIS OF GENRE” by BLAST UNIT MOSCOW shows that the product of a high world wide standard can be delivered by some of it’s musicians.” ROLLING STONE 

On April 7th Blast Unit Moscow will release their majestic new single release “Footsteps In The Snow’.

‘Footsteps In The Snow’ is an obvious choice of single following the climax of the Sochi Games, where no image was more pertinent than snow. The song is about the girl who leaves you and the pursuit of her by following the footsteps she leaves in the snow.

In juxtaposition with the song the awful events in the Ukraine are represented in the video. We see the Ukrainian flag being flown in the battle with the authorities, cut in with the band performing the song. Blast Unit Moscow with their fierce intelligence wanted to support the plight of their brothers and sisters in the Ukraine and have created the following video

‘Footsteps In The Snow’ has an energy that dynamite’s its way into your consciousness and refuses to be ignored.

Russian culture has never much transcended the country’s own borders with the great exception of Russian literature, where writers like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy dwarfed most others in moral range, sweep and depth. But now Blast Unit Moscow are set to change this with their dynamic form of rock’roll, as it was defined by the Beatles and the Stones, and redefined by the Clash and the Ramones.

‘Footsteps in the Snow’ along with previous single ‘Rollercoaster Ride’ and ‘When The Music’ are taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Krizis Of Genre’, produced by acclaimed Uber producer ‘Youth’, who exclaimed Blast Unit Moscow ‘as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale and stagnant rock scene’. The album mixes electronica and post punk with a classic pop sensibility  but has its own unique modern feel.

Blast Unit Moscow’s debut single  ‘Rollercoaster Ride’ and the follow up “When The Music Is Over’ both garnered considerable support including: Radio 2’s Janice Long, an Absolute Radio’s Single Of The Week and both were playlisted on Planet Rock. Plus interviews and features on  Reuters International, The Huffington Post & The Radio Times amongst others triggering really strong interest from both Booking Agents & European Record labels.

In their native Russia, Blast Unit Moscow have played with Blur, Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs and perform regularly at their club Krizis Zhanra in Moscow.

They host Blastfest, an annual festival that brings top UK bands to Moscow, so far including Bloc Party, S.C.U.M., Suede and Milk.

Constantly selling out shows in their native Russia,  Blast Unit Moscow have a rabid fan base and will shortly be announcing UK shows giving audiences here a chance to witness the phenomena first hand.

You need Moscow’s finest  Blast Unit Moscow in your life.

 They say Blast Unit Moscow have “got the vintage rock n’ roll feel of The Beatles and the punk rock energy of the Ramones- not to mention a crunching guitar that would make Josh Homme shit his pants. This lot are only gonna get better and better.”  HUFFINGTON POST

“Godfathers of VladRock” NME

‘a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale and stagnant rock scene.’Youth

‘Given the seal of approval by ace producer Youth(Killing Joke,Verve,Orb,Paul McCartney) who recorded their album Krisis of Genre at his studio in Spain, this band are set to become the first break out group from Moscow. Their blistering live shows are about to translate internationally introducing audiences to ‘Russian punk with attitude’ all over he world. When Youth gets behind a group, you know there is something most definitely happening.’ Pete Mitchell Absolute Radio

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BLAST UNIT MOSCOW new single and video ‘Footsteps In The Snow’ April 7th