Bleech: Break My Nose

Bleech: Break My Nose

Trying to catch time out with new rockers on the block Bleech is a little difficult, between tours and studio time the threesome from London are pretty busy. They’ve been working hard on the road to build up a loyal fanbase as well as touring with some pretty big bands including Wolfmother and Ash. But WG managed it and here is what Jen, Katherine, and Matt had to say about touring, recording, and filming their latest video:

You were all quite young when you started out playing, was that a help or a hindrance for you getting gigs in the early days of the band?

Matt: I suppose when we started out we were all just old enough to play in pubs and clubs except for Katherine who was still doing her A Levels at the time. The biggest hindrance I suppose were full time jobs we had to get after leaving school, because none of us were interested in Uni at all. It’s a fine balancing act but many times we had to just say bollocks to the job and get on with what mattered to us, no matter how poor we were!

You’re about to go on tour in the UK and France, are all the preparations going to plan? Are you looking forward to it? Is there anything you do to get yourselves ready for the road?

Jen: We are halfway through a U.K tour but had been in Germany for two weeks previous to that which was really great. France is going to be interesting because it is the only country we have a record deal in so that will be a totally new experience for us…..they are intending to put us out on a full 2 week tour next year.

You’ve played in the UK, Germany, and America. Which was your favourite and why?

Katherine: I think we have had a favourite in each of those countries, not going to lie America was incredibly cool playing in New York and being part of the vibe was an incredible experience. But I think we would all agree that our first ever gig in Hamburg around 2009, it was the most buzzed we had ever been after playing. We flew in with only guitars and cymbals and played to the most packed and sweaty club called the Molotov, we’d never seen sweat drip from the ceiling at one of our gigs before, great experience indeed.

Any particularly memorable gigs you’ve played?

Matt: There have been some weird ones for sure! But one show we did with Wolfmother in Berlin we nearly missed the show due to us not being able to get out of Hamburg because of some severe road works, we were sitting in a cafe for far too long and thought we were only a couple of hours away, we were gravely mistaken. It was the most stressful journey we have had getting to a gig. We sound-checked half an hour before the doors opened then played an hour from that, madness! Still one of the best gigs we have ever played to my mind.

What do you like the most about playing live? How does playing live now compare to when you first started?

Katherine: The sheer buzz and the excitement of playing in front of an audience and then watching them react to what you’re doing. Also the fact that each gig and each place you play every night is different and will have a different feel and new challenge for you. BLEECH are definitely a live animal!


“It was all kind of ‘I know a bloke, who knows a bloke, who knows a bloke’ but we managed to get Frank Bugliani to get the gym and himself in the video, which was nothing short of amazing.”


You’ve supported some pretty impressive bands, what were they like to tour with? Anyone you would like to tour with?

Matt: We loved touring with Wolfmother and The Joy Formidable, that was very exciting for us. We also played with Ash a few months ago and would love to play a longer tour with them as they are one of my favourite bands. Collectively though BLEECH’s new favourite band is Band of Skulls, as the albums are so good. Touring with them would be cool indeed.

What was the main inspiration behind the album?

Jen: We had a collection of songs before going into the studio that we had been playing for a long while, but realised they were still very relevant to what we are doing now. Songs like “Weirdo”, “Flowerhands”, “Dancing Without You” and “Mondays” were written when we were a bit younger so I suppose there is a youthful and naive element to this album. But songs like “I Wanna Be Me” and “Break My nose” were written just before recording and signify a change in mood, maybe more mature perhaps, they definitely lead up to the next album nicely.

Your debut was really popular, is it daunting trying to come up with a follow up to it?

Katherine: I don’t think we feel that daunted in terms of the writing and playing. As soon as “Nude” came out we were straight away playing new songs live whilst we toured and in sound checks. We have started recording home demos to try and capture what we have before we even think about going into the studio this time. I think this time we want more rawness from the album sound-wise. The writing process has also taken on a new form so we can expect it to sound and feel different from our last. I think we are going to do a track next week actually!

What can you tell me about your new single ‘Break My Nose’? Was it fun making it in a boxing ring?

Jen: It was all kind of “I know a bloke, who knows a bloke, who knows a bloke” but we managed to get Frank Bugliani to get the gym and himself in the video, which was nothing short of amazing. When we set up the amps and drum kit in the ring we realised how good it was going to look. I managed to convince this guy called from work to get in the ring with Frank to do the pretend boxing, he was really brave because Frank is very focused when he steps in. You could hear proper thuds every time they were sparring….it might as well have been real! The whole crew were wincing after each hit which was funny.

Do you have any big plans you’d care to share for 2013? Can we expect to see you playing any of the festivals next summer?

Matt: Well we have already started booking a 10-date warm up tour to start getting back into the swing of things after our winter recording hibernation. Then we go and tour France and maybe some other areas in Europe. When we get back, our first single from the new album will be ready to go out and a lengthy tour to go with it. That is the current plan but nothing ever goes to plan ha! A lot to be getting on with then!

‘Break My Nose’ will be released on October 22nd and here at WithGuitars we can’t wait to hear more!


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Bleech: Break My Nose