Bleech – "I Just Want You" video premiere

Bleech – "I Just Want You" video premiere


“I Just Want You” is the lead track from BLEECH’s new album “Humble Sky”. The trio is well known for their satirical sense of humour and this time BLEECH poke fun at our “sex-crazed” entertainment industry. The video for “I Just Want You” is a retrospective look at sex and society, a humorous take on how kids were once chastised by their post war parents in an era where sex talk was limited to the confines of a class room and a priest’s confession box; and perhaps we should thank the likes of Elvis the Pelvis for that! The hyper-sexualisation of the music industry is nothing new; in fact, it’s been picking up steam since prepubescent girls discovered they wanted to bonk the Beatles.


From The Rolling Stones’ giant inflatable penis prop and Led Zeppelin’s sexually suggestive “Lemon Song”, to Madonna’s controversial “Bedtime Stories”; there’s no denying that sex has become synonymous with the music industry but have we reached the point of saturation? What more is there in art of suggestion that’s not been suggested already?

“We live in a world where nothing really shocks anymore, a world where you can see a pair of tits on page 3, Beyonce’s arse on the T.V, Miley Cyrus’s tongue swaying about at an award show. We get completely harassed by carbon copy Barbie dolls in our hyper- sexualised, silicon pumped, moronic chart bubble. If a product needs just sex alone to sell itself it’s probably a load of shite to begin with.

Sex sells yes sirree’ it does…but who’s to say what’s sexy and what’s not man? A magazine? Madonna? Some fucking cunt who finds millionaire’s girlfriends on trashy daytime TV? To us it’s just a mish mash of nonsense. .Is there anything left to suggest? Has it all been done? Not until you’ve had a watch of this…sex education at its most informative…or not!”

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2014 Tour
09 New Inn Par, UK
10 Moles Bath, UK 11 Thekla Bristol, UK
12 The Moon Club Cardiff, UK
15 Portland Arms Cambridge, UK
16 Greystones Sheffield, UK
18 Red Rooms Nottingham, UK
19 Stockton Calling Stockton-On-Tees, UK
24 Korova Liverpool, UK
25 PJ Molloys Dunfermline, UK
26 Tunnels Aberdeen, UK
27 Hootenanny Inverness, UK
29 King Tut’s Glasgow, UK
30 Buskers Dundee, UK

01 Think Tank Newcastle, UK
06 Hope Brighton, UK
12 Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 Blue Shell Cologne, Germany
14 Hamburg Uebel & Gafaehrlich, Germany
16 Luneburg Salon Hanson, Germany
17 KB18, Copenhagen, Denmark
19 Comet Club Berlin, Germany
20 Arena Vienna, Germany
23 Bounty Thiene, Italy
24 Nasty Saloon Treviso, Italy
25 Cafe de la Palx Trento, Italy
27 Mila Munich, Germany
28 Bleu Lezard, Switzerland
29 Camden Rocks
12 Birdman Festival Thirsk, UK

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Bleech – "I Just Want You" video premiere