Blood Red Shoes In Time To Voices Released March 26th

Blood Red Shoes In Time To Voices Released March 26th

Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes return with ‘In Time To Voices’ their third album, and what a surprise this one is. Debut album ‘Box Of Secrets’ was a full on adrenalin blast, while follow up ‘Fire Like This’ delivered more of the same in terms of quality but opened up their sound scape’s – the 7 minute long ‘Colours Fade’ was one notable highlight amongst the anthemic setlist.

‘In Time To Voices’ again produced by Mike Crossey see’s Steven Ansell and Laura Mary Carter mature, the Blood Red Shoes sound on this record is more assured and confident. Songs are slower more melodic and intense, never have the bands dual vocals wrapped around each other so perfectly, creating harmonies that are at times actually beautiful. Opening track ‘In Time To Voices’ is tighter, more brooding than anything we’ve heard previously from the duo. Blistering single ‘Cold’ with it’s almost screamed vocal and machine gun drumming add to the vitality. Most of the tracks here transcend the band into unchartered territory ‘The Silence And The Drones’ is almost brittle, only the sublime ‘Je Me Perds’ recalls their previous sound but here it is harder almost Riot Girl in its ferocity and way too brief a highlight at only one minute thirty seconds.

I have left early Blood Red Shoes gigs drenched in sweat and gasping for air, the songs on this record allow room to breathe. Blood Red Shoes still rock. Hard, although this album adds another – quieter – dimension to proceedings. This may not be the heavy weight rock tinged album I was anticipating but it delivers on every level. Hearing them produce this sound live will be a treat, and surely the big league awaits. 8/10



Jamie Gambino

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Blood Red Shoes In Time To Voices Released March 26th