Blue Blood premieres new video at CMJ, debut LP This Is The Life (ft. members of MGMT & Dead Confederate)

Blue Blood premieres new video at CMJ, debut LP This Is The Life (ft. members of MGMT & Dead Confederate)


New solo project from Athens, Ga., musician Hunter Morris (ft. members of

MGMT & Dead Confederate) available now from This Is American Music

Blue Blood’s Hunter Morris. Photo by Anne Yarbrough.

– Watch Blue Blood’s “Every Day Is Yesterday” video at CMJ
Stream/embed the “Every Day Is Yesterday” video below
– Stream Blue Blood’s This Is the Life in full at PopMatters
– Listen to Blue Blood’s “This Is the Life” at Exclaim!
– Listen to Blue Blood’s “Every Day Is Yesterday” at PureVolume
– Listen to Blue Blood’s “We Could Never Be Friends” at Culture Collide
RIYL: MGMT, Atlas Sound, Real Estate, Beach House, Flaming Lips, Wilco, M83, The War on Drugs

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“A mind-enveloping collection of introspective gloom pop.” – PopMatters

“Strolls down a melodically retro ’70s AM Gold path into woods that get darker as it progresses, fuzzy guitar bits and lyrical doubts rising incrementally. … A perfect match for those whose taste has diverged from haughty indie rock roots to woodsier pastures.” – CMJ

“Full-sounding psychedelic pop … pairs airy vocals with swirling guitars.” – Exclaim!

“A bevy of cosmic sound and a persistent static rhythm.” – Culture Collide

“Cathartic.” – PureVolume


“They told me all is fair in love and war, so I killed the one I’ve been fighting for.” So went the process for Hunter Morris after the dissolution of his prior band Gift Horse. A professional fly-fishing guide by trade, he spent a year on the trout streams of north Georgia literally and figuratively far away from the music scene in his home of Athens, Ga. This time of reflection produced the songs that would become Blue Blood. But it was the process of reinvention that provided the inspiration for these songs long before there were finished lyrics, structures and arrangements.


Blue Blood began as a new solo project for Morris, but through the process of making demos in solitude and trying to find a new voice for his songs, what emerged was a collection of songs worthy of full band, psychedelic pop treatment. And Morris knew just the person for the job. He sent some of the songs to Hank Sullivant, who fronts Kuroma, was a founding member of The Whigs, and is currently the guitarist for MGMT, and who had previously produced the Gift Horse LP Mountain of Youth. After hearing Morris’ demos, Sullivant immediately assumed a more involved producer/instrumentalist role and the studio version of Blue Blood became a collaboration between the two. Morris and Sullivant recruited J.J. Bower (Dead Confederate, Battle Tapes) to play the drums, as well as keyboardist Dave Spivey, and they recently completed what will be the debut Blue Blood LP This Is The Life, out now on This Is American Music.
The album was definitely the foundation upon which Blue Blood was built, as Morris and Sullivant essentially completed recording it before Blue Blood ever played a live show. However, it is the live lineup of Blue Blood that has brought the songs into their own. Morris says that having the songs recorded prior to forming a band to play them made the learning process much more efficient. But it’s what each member brings of their own playing style and personality that give the songs an added depth in the live setting.

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Blue Blood premieres new video at CMJ, debut LP This Is The Life (ft. members of MGMT & Dead Confederate)