Bobby Conn premieres video presented by Rolling Stone

Bobby Conn premieres video presented by Rolling Stone

BOBBY CONN new video “Hollow Men”-

presented by ROLLING STONE!

Der unbestrittene Meister des Glampop ist mit zwei
außergewöhnlichen Songs zurück!

The undisputed master of the Glampop is back with two extraordinary songs.
Hollow Men: 80s, Bobby and his friends smoked clove cigarettes, listened to Bauhaus and Gary Numan and read dark poetry, which they didn’t really understand. Bobby was enthusiastic about T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” – cool, completely gloomy, depressing and apocalyptic. Now Bobby is a bit older and according to his own statement: a gloomy teenager of his own – and still does not really understand T. S. Eliot. “But what stands is the desire to dance. It’s the revolt. The claim to end the life with a bang, rather than with a whimpering. And so, Bobby and Monica began to sing vowels about vowels and created this diva version of “Hollow Men”.


The 7 inch is released 28.04. via Sounds of Subterrania!
It includes also the new track 
At The Bijou.
The video for “Hollow Men” premiers today – presented by Rolling Stone. Just follow the link:

Bobby Conn – Hollow Men 7″ / Digital
Sounds of Subterrania / Cargo / Finetunes
7″/ Special Edition:
More about Bobby Conn:

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Bobby Conn premieres video presented by Rolling Stone