Boy From The Crowd – ‘Where The Bees Comes To Die’ EP

Boy From The Crowd – ‘Where The Bees Comes To Die’ EP

East London punks meets earnest bluesmen is basically what describes the duo that made the record Where The Bees Come To Die.  Boy From The Crowd brings a diverse set of influences to the game that range from Robert Johnson to Jon Spencer.  In their latest album, Where The Bees Come To Die, you can detect a range of music from the earliest recordings of rock to the most time-sensitive material that has just been released.

Consisting of mainly Vinny Piana (vocals, guitars, bass, keys), and Vegas Ivy (drums and percussion), the duo met through the kindling of their similar interests in rock ‘n’ roll music and noise.  Since their inclination in music followed a similar trajectory, the pair decided to embark on a fearless mission to discover new ways to rock the blues as a punk aesthetic way.

Born in the south of France, Vinny Piana began his musical career touring Europe and the UK as a guitarist with various bands.  From his fledging days as a guitarist came his days writing for soundtracks for independent movies that include Sundance favorites before setting his sights on his own long sought after project.

Vinny Piana’s own songs often reflect the choices we make that often lead to bliss or sheer disaster, and how we so often make disastrous choices even though our sub-conscious screams at us not to.  When Vegas Ivy came into the picture, Piana already had the ideas – all he needed now was a beat.  Ivy’s gratuitous backbeat drumming proved to be the perfect basis for Piana’s direction in songwriting and invigorated his dirty blues dream.  The frontman to from Boy From The Crowd was now faced with a brand new challenge and it was to reinstate his rollicking guitar blues to Ivy’s voodoo beat drumming.  Between the pair, they have forged among them a new direction in alternative music that finds them down a winding forgotten beaten path to a carnage of sounds.

Lead track

Where The Bees Come To Die opens up with the track, “Revelator,” which is an upbeat and catchy enterprise that surmises with an punk-blues joint anthem.  Drenched with heart-pounding lyrics, the drum beat and bass-line keeps in tempo with Piana’s blues singing.  “All I Need” opens up with a solo guitar jam session.  The electric guitar playing spirals around Piana’s vocals that screams and halts in sessions.  “The Road” is a great alternative rock track that bends and molds to the mod sounds of the blues.  It has a punk vibe here as well.  “Where The Bees Comes To Die” the title-track to the EP release is slower.  It is pure instrumental and comes across as a ballad.  A blues-jamming track it has its own vibrations with the sounds of keyboards clashing with the aesthetic of the drums and electric guitar.

Boy From The Crowd may come across as your regular punk band.  But with the melding of Vinny Piana and Vegas Ivy’s sounds – they sure do sound great together.  And with such a great release in store for listeners across the globe, Piana and Ivy have compiled a number of songs on this EP to graduate listeners on some great plays.  7.8/10

My Nguyen

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Boy From The Crowd – ‘Where The Bees Comes To Die’ EP