Boys Noize Celebrates 10 years of Boynoize Records with free bittorrent bundle

Boys Noize Celebrates 10 years of Boynoize Records with free bittorrent bundle



* BNR10YR events in 10+ countries

* Exclusive BitTorrent bundle features unreleased Boys Noize tracks “Brain Frequent,” “Dawnload,” and over 5 hours of additional music

* New music and surprises throughout 2015

BNR10YR kick-off show on March 28, 2015 at Gramps, Miami and travels through the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Europe


“Hidden within Berlin’s minimal techno scene, a maximalist flag waves wildly, held by an anarchist collective that ditches the skeletal beats and brings the noise – Boysnoize, that is.” – Dazed & Confused Magazine 




This year, Boys Noize (Alex Ridha) celebrates the success of his non-conformist DIY collective, Boysnoize Records (BNR). Alex founded BNR in 2005 to retain full artistic freedom under Boys Noize and his different monikers, while releasing the music of like-minded and genre-transcending artists including Spank Rock, SCNTST, Djedjotronic, Strip Steve, Peaches, PILO and many more. The celebration kicks off with an exclusive free BitTorrent bundle featuring unreleased music, live mixes and other BNR content, followed by a series of BNR10YR parties in countries around the world.


The free BitTorrent bundle consists of over five hours of music, including two new tracks from Boys Noize (“Brain Frequent” and “Dawnload”), a live Boys Noize set from Tokyo, a live Dog Blood set from Monegros Festival, an unreleased Boys Noize remix of Jackson and his Computerband’s track, “Arp #1,” two unreleased SCNTST tracks (“Punk01” and “Beat03”), and a curated selection of 25 songs, the best of BNR classics. Visual assets include a Dog Blood drawing, a collage of BNR album artwork from the past 10 years, and the BNR10YR logo designed by BNR’s long-time designer, Paul Snowden. The BNR10YR BitTorrent bundle is available HERE.


In the spirit of the 10 Year Anniversary, Boys Noize, label mates, and very special guests are playing shows in over 10 countries including Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. First up is Miami, Florida on March 28 at Gramps. For each event, a limited number of $10 tickets will be available for pre-sale. Expect big guests and special venues – more details to follow throughout the year.


As a recording artist and producer, Boys Noize has created his own sound and pioneered his own brand, amassing a formidable body of work in the process. Named one of the top 10 “DJs That Rule The Earth by Rolling Stone, Alex has created profoundly influential work as a remixer and producer for artists including Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Feist, David Lynch, Jarvis Cocker, Santigold, Mark Ronson, and Nine Inch Nails. He has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, with Chilly Gonzales as Octave Minds on the LP Octave Minds, with genius film maker Mr. Oizo as Handbraekes, and Erol Alkan and G-Dragon, among others. He also has mixed up the scene as Dog Blood, his project with Skrillex.


Boysnoize Records became a home for multidirectional quality electronic music, including albums from Spank Rock, SCNTST, Djedjotronic, Strip Steve, Housemeister, EPs from Boody & LE1F, KNOX, PILO, Dog Blood, Peaches, Depeche Mode (“My Little Universe”) and Boys Noize’s own releases, including Oi Oi Oi (2007), Power (2009), and Out of The Black (2012).


Mixmag’s cover story, Kingdom of the Skull,” portrays Alex as one of the most successful, brainiest, genuine, DIY DJ/producers. Alex’s ferventness is always bringing young talent to the forefront. BNR’s 100th deafeningly successful release was honored by The Chemical Brothers & Justice remix of Boys Noize’s club hit “XTC” HERE.



BNR10YR BitTorrent bundle Includes:


Instant Download

Boys Noize “Brain Frequent” (Unreleased) [Audio]

Boys Noize “Dawnload” (Unreleased) [Audio]

Dog Blood Drawing [Art]

Boys Noize Smiley Mask (Legal Paper Size) [Art]

Boys Noize Smiley Mask (A4 Paper Size) [Art]

BNR Collage [Art]

BNR10YR Logo [Art]



Email Unlock

Jackson and His Computerband “Arp #1” (Boys Noize Remix) (Unreleased) [Audio]

SCNTST “Punk01” (Unreleased) [Audio]

SCNTST “Beat03” (Unreleased) [Audio]

Boys Noize Live DJ-Set at Womb, Tokyo (Dec 12, 2014) [Audio]

Dog Blood live 7AM DJ-Set at Monegros Festival (July 19, 2014) [Audio]

Boys Noize “Ich R U“ x “Go“ (VIP Festival Edit) [Audio]

Compilation of 25 BNR Classics [Audio]



Click here to download the BNR10YR BitTorrent bundle


BNR10YR Parties Include:*

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

Berlin, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Chicago, IL, USA

Copenhagen, Denmark

Detroit, MI, USA

Geneva, Switzerland

Lisbon, Portugal

London, United Kingdom

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Miami, FL, USA

Milan, Italy

Montreal, QC, Canada

Munich, Germany

New York, NY, USA

Paris, France

San Francisco, CA, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, ON, Canada

*show details to follow

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Boys Noize Celebrates 10 years of Boynoize Records with free bittorrent bundle