Broken Forest -precede January EP with debut single release ‘Winter’

Broken Forest -precede January EP with debut single release ‘Winter’

would you be interested in video premier? w/c 14 November


precede January EP with debut single release


– out 25 November 2016 on Luise London Records

(London launch show 23 November – details below)

‘Leftfield and Underground, delicate songs are juxtaposed with dark beats’ Peter Cunnah

On 25 November Broken Forest are to release their debut single. Titled ‘Winter’ the single will precede Broken Forest’s debut ep, ‘Lost In Fairytales’, which is set for release on 20 January next year.

A truly organic breath of fresh air – Broken Forest is the inventive work of writer, singer and producer Luise London. Since she was a young child, Luise has had a great passion for nature and the animals within. After becoming a vegan she started joining more and more animal and environmental rights movements, and Broken Forest is an extension of this fight.

These and other heartfelt messages are delicately translated into Broken Forest’s music, with sweet vocals hanging over a mesmerising blend of Atmospheric Pop and organic Electronica.

Nature sounds are purposefully embedded into ambient synths and guitar effects. The sometimes harsh and coldness of modern urban life meets the sensibility and beauty of nature. The music is inspired by a variety of different genres from Trip- Hop, to Pop and Folk, and artists such as Grimes, SOHN, Daughter or Bon Iver. The lyrics are filled with strong images representing the story, often generated through traditional tales Luise used to read as a child, combined with the struggles of today’s society through her sometimes dark, but romantic view on life.

Broken Forest’s debut ep ‘Lost in Fairytales’, sees each of the record’s songs inspired by a different traditional Fairy Tale, and then related back to the struggles of modern life. The first single is ‘Winter’. A classic break up and moving on song, which draws its imagery from Anderson’s fairy tale The little Match Girl, who rather stayed out on the street in winter time than going home with nothing. Proceeds from the ep will be donated to The Fox Project (

Nature’s inspiration for Luise’s work continues into the live shows. Through projections accompanying the music, Broken Forest invite you into their world. Modern technology combined with guitar and haunting vocal harmony layers by Ben Cook and Chris Anderson, who joined Luise on stage in 2016, recreate the music live on stage.

In the past Luise has performed with artist such as Daughter, and ‘Winter’ will be launched with a special London show on 23 November at Ryan’s Bar, N16. The details are:

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Broken Forest -precede January EP with debut single release ‘Winter’