BROLIN Unveils New Visual Video For Flags mixtape

BROLIN Unveils New Visual Video For Flags mixtape

Watch The Flags Video below

Brolin releases new Flags video version featuring visuals from acclaimed video artist Dan Tombs (Jon Hopkins, Factory Floor, Gold Panda) – watch now via Flags mixtape featuring exclusive collaborations and first listen of new tracks – Includes production from Raffertie, Dam Mantle, FTSE, Ca$ually Here, Hannes Rasmus

Following the release of the Flags mixtape, Brolin today releases a stunning new video version created by visual artist Dan Tombs. Flags, which debuted to acclaim last week, was produced over the last two months of 2013, and gives a tantalizing taste of Brolin’s eagerly anticipated debut album, due in the autumn of 2014.

‘Flags’ mixtape video:

Listen To Flags via SOUNDCLOUD

Speaking of the video, creator Dan Tombs said: “I wanted to create an overall aesthetic for the mix, but still give each track its own identity.
Working with my own and found footage I manipulated the imagery using a limited palette of effects and processes. Matching the transitions of the mix, recording the content in realtime. Its always my aim to enhance and extend the atmospheric qualities of the music to provide some brain dance for the viewer/listener.”

Speaking about the release, Brolin said “I wanted to release something of substance, in a continuous, flowing format with visual accompaniment, and Flags has allowed me to collaborate with some exceptional producers, contributing different moods and colours. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia was one inspiration, as it grips the viewer throughout… I hope to emulate that. .”

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BROLIN Unveils New Visual Video For Flags mixtape