Brown Shoe’s ‘Lonely Beast Part l’ is out today!

Brown Shoe’s ‘Lonely Beast Part l’ is out today!

Brown Shoe’s Lonely Beast Part l Is Out Today

Lonely Beast Part ll and Part lll Out Later This Year

“Their music has intelligent riffs, introspective lyrics and rhythms that you can sway to…” Ladygunn

“Brown Shoe is four brothers from Folsom, California with a penchant for bold, thoughtful rock.” Death & Taxes

“[Brown Shoe] have been building sounds together for what must be more than a decade, where unclenched expression takes the form, scale, and shape of an amphitheater’s sized audio entity unto its own.” -Impose

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Today LA based band Brown Shoe release their new EP, Lonely Beast Part l. Brown Shoe’s fifth release, Lonely Beast, is a full-length album broken up into three EPs. The first of which, Lonely Beast Part I, is out today. The four brothers – Aaron, Ryan, Bryson and Landon – will release Lonely Beast Part II and Part III later this year. Lonely Beast is Brown Shoe’s follow up to 2011’s The Gift Horse and their first release since moving from Northern California to Los Angeles.


Listen: Stream Lonely Beast Part l via Spotify or SoundCloud

Lonely Beast Part I is out today (April 8, 2014). Lonely Beast Part II and Part III will be out later this year. Request a download of Lonely Beast Part I via email.

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Lonely Beast Part l Track Listing:

1. Nightwalker

2. Lonely Beast

3. Babe In Woods

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Brown Shoe’s ‘Lonely Beast Part l’ is out today!