Bruce Harper | Album Release

Bruce Harper | Album Release

Italian Band Bruce Harper is releasing Self Titled album Today!

Listen to the album now on Echoes & Dust!


Bruce Harper is an electronic band from Brescia, IT, consisting of Lorenzo Bassi (synth, samples, vocals), Marco Lacanna (drums) and Paolo Ferrari (synth, samples, drum machine.) While the three were already involved in other post-rock/psychedelic projects such as Floss, Teich, and Beech, they were fascinated by researching new electronic sounds. They decided to try and give shape to their ideas with a different style.

Bruce Harper’s first s/t LP is composed of 9 tracks, and guides the listener across the borderline of body and spirit.
Their sources of inspiration are diverse, from Battles’ math serialism to Vessels’ gloomy landscapes. Says the band, “We wanted to build a musical path which, through extreme rationality, could highlight the mysterious and irrational element that rests within all things.”

1. E x r t
2. Sun
3. Whales
4. Landscape
5. This horizon
6. Arms
7. Blind
8. Cold
9. Fluo rites


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Bruce Harper | Album Release