Bryan Art New Reggae single

Bryan Art New Reggae single


In the face of “diminishing Standards”, and other social challenges affecting the local entertainment industry and Jamaicans in general, “Can’t Cut Wi Vibes” by Bryan Art seems to be the new song of cheer and hope.

Can’t Cut Wi Vibes” has just hit the streets, and it’s success has been immediate. The G-Block production team, a subsidiary of Gumption Global, has changed the script and infused an exotic Pop Reggae/WorldBeat sound that has rocketed into heavy rotation on Jamaican radio and is winning the hearts of those in the diaspora.

“This is a new Jamaican Anthem” says Rolando “Phanso” Wilson of G-Block Records. “It is yet our sophomore single on this new label and will feature on the upcoming Bryan Art EP slated for release early 2018.

The video for the song will debut in January.

Notwithstanding the slight but obvious shift in terms of style and genre, Bryan Art (Known for hits like “Get It” and “Rock and Come In” as usual has managed to maintain his sound, and masterful songwriting ability which shine through in spectacular fashion on this his latest hit-bound single.

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Bryan Art New Reggae single