Bueno Announce New Album Illuminate Your Room

Bueno Announce New Album Illuminate Your Room

Due Out August 19th via Exploding In Sound + Babe City Records

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Bueno got your back. The Staten Island bad boys of Summer have returned and the band are excited to announce their sophomore album Illuminate Your Room, a concept record built upon an aural grab bag of decades of New York City rock to catalog a 24-hour span, opening in the early morning hours with meandering and somber piano, and closing out the album by evoking late evening with a howling, aching saxophone. Bueno are an unpredictable band and Illuminate captures the unease of living in the a city that never sleeps, up against gender expectations, suburban malaise, and technological excess.
To put it in simple terms, Illuminate Your Room jams, a result of letting the tape run and capturing the quintet in their natural element. Bueno have crafted an eclectic record that combines their own brand of punk, indie rock, fuzzy soul, funk, and post-punk in a Talking Heads meets Television meet Sinatra sort of way and the results are stunning throughout their new record. Led by Shea Stadium’s own Luke Chiaruttini, the band has a knack for organically jammed out punk, built upon a lifetime of friendship. Illuminate Your Room is a modern New York City masterpiece.
The FADER premiered the record’s first single, “I Got Your Back,” sharing, “With jamming reminiscent of Pavement, Velvet Underground-like candor, and Talking Heads style elasticity, Bueno’s funky punk vibes are electric.”
Elaborating on the song, Bueno’s Chiaruttini offered, “‘I Got Your Back’ is a song about all the casual disappointments that make up daily life – being disappointed by & disappointing the people you love, living up to expectations, living down to expectations, or disregarding them entirely.”

06/17 – Staten Island, NY @ Staten Island Arts (Bueno Cruise) w/ Stove & Repeal The Wheel
06/25 – Brooklyn, NY @ Market Hotel w/ So So Glos, Big Ups & Honduras
07/01 – Centereach, NY @ American Boneroo
07/08 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong w/ BRNDA & Governess
07/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv
07/15 – New Brunswick, NJ @ J-House w/ YJY, Secret Mountain, Ghost Camp, & Julian Fulton
07/28 – New York, NY @ Bowery Electric w/ James Chance & The Contortions & Future Punx
07/31 – Staten Island, NY @ Staten Island Yankees Stadium
Bueno lead man Luke Chiaruttini first met Mikey Gagliardi, who plays guitar and sax, on a bus ride home from Catholic school. Mikey threw his shoe at Luke’s head, and then kindly asked for Luke to give it back. It was one of the many quiet rebellions that Mikey, Luke, Joe Imburgio (bass), AJ Pantaleo (drums), and Mike DiBenedetto (guitar) would engage in throughout their adolescent years growing up and fucking up in Staten Island. Whether sneaking in underage for rock shows at the now-defunct Martini Red, or journeying to the middle-of-nowhere Staten Island to play packed shows, the guys of Bueno know music at their home base can be an uneven struggle. Yet the borough holds a quiet abundance of creative energy that has pushed Bueno to be as enterprising as any other act throughout the five boroughs.
Bueno has journeyed a long way from their early days on the school bus. The band has grown up through the Staten Island rites of passage – rebellion, Catholic guilt, apathy, malaise. They’ve also toured around the country, and during their most recent travels, Chiaruttini took to writing Illuminate Your Room, the follow up to 2015’s Guilt. Illuminatehas all of the yearning and exploration of a trip written right into its DNA. Largely recorded in Sunset Park at the homespun studios of Shea Stadium guru Adam Reich, Illuminatebristles with the unpredictability and raw energy of Bueno’s strong suit, the jam session. Guitar occasionally jumps ahead of bass and drums, and songs cut in abruptly simply because Reich thought to hit record mid-jam. But Chiaruttini took to writing more of this record, and the structure of Illuminate is more plotted out. The album draws upon the aural grab bag of decades of New York City rock to catalog a 24-hour span, opening in the early morning hours with meandering and somber piano, and closing out the album by evoking late evening with a howling, aching saxophone.
Ultimately, Illuminate Your Room is an internal journey, a meditation on Chiaruttini’s own push and pull relationship with society in all its forms. Up against gender expectations, suburban malaise, and technological excess, Chiaruttini finds his escape in having no purpose. Album standout “Oh Lord I’m Confused,” for example, weaves together fast and loose guitars with a story of a girl from D.C. who spends her afternoons drinking champagne and playing the drums. The song conveys that rollicking, fleeting sensation of being apart from society yet still at the heart of the sprawling American empire, overstimulated and completely alone. Chiaruttini finds these pockets of 21st century isolation closer to home too – on the atmospheric title track, he walks around the Island in the pre-dawn morning to find a scattered array of windows lit up by TV glow or a bedside lamp. In our most intimate spaces, at all hours of the day, society’s reach still holds strong. Because even in a sleepy borough like Staten Island, it’s still so damn hard for Bueno to get any rest.

Illuminate Your Room is due out August 19th. Digi

Exploding In Sound + Babe City Records
August 19, 2016

1. Rosebank 5:00AM (Intro)
2. I Got Your Back
3. Oh Lord I’m Confused
4. Blown Out
5. Wasted Anyway
6. I FeelSo Raw
7. Hizznherz
8. Eye On The Cards
9. Mona (1991 – 2015)
10. Burn This Year
11. Babyface
12. Illuminate Your Room (Rosebank 4:59AM)

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Babe City Records
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Bueno Announce New Album Illuminate Your Room