Calais "Time & Space" MP3 and Official Video

Calais "Time & Space" MP3 and Official Video

Australian indie rock band, Calais, just dropped their first single “Time & Space.” This five piece outfit comprised of Tim Lollback (Vocals, Rhythm -Guitar), Joseph Fleming (Lead Guitar), Guy Stacey (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Synth), Liam Roberts (Bass Guitar), and Will Mogg (Drums); provide a hard hitting fusion of alternative rock that demonstrates a unique dynamic. With influences that range from Coldplay to The Neighbourhood, they’ve developed their own melodically driven sound built upon pounding drums and deep-driven bass.  I have included a link to video and the free MP3 for post/feature consideration below. Enjoy!


Calais’ first single “Time & Space” is a glistening skyscraper of sound with a melody that soars. Trilling electric guitar and slamming drums provide a beat that moves you instantaneously, despite the undercurrent of the breakup theme, the instrumentation shimmers and arches in an all-encompassing groove that’s impossible to resist.  Lollback croons atop the mid-tempo soundscapes and fuzzy electronic touches, providing a visceral emotional impact that is both serene and adamant. Their performance based music video continues to keep the focus on the almost weightless feel of the music, capturing the band in a blur of white and movement, yet remaining firmly cemented in the music itself. For a fairly young band, they’ve developed a distinct atmospheric sound that’s submerged in a bubbling bit of exotic percussion and excitement.

Official video “Time & Space”

Free MP3 “Time & Space”

Calais’ debut EP “Silhouette” is set to drop in April.

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Calais "Time & Space" MP3 and Official Video