Be Calm Honcho shares a stunning new video for "Bad Man" w/ a message

Be Calm Honcho shares a stunning new video for "Bad Man" w/ a message

San Francisco band Be Calm Honcho

Announces video for single “Bad Man”

Listen: Be Calm Honcho – “Bad Man” –

“It’s not often a song manages to deliver the aural equivalent of a gut punch, but when it happens, you don’t soon forget it. That was our reaction to “Bad Man,” the new track from Bay Area-based trio Be Calm Honcho, a delightfully named band that delivers affecting, electronica-infused shimmers of melancholy pop in their latest offering.” – The AV Club

(Brooklyn, NY) After storming the Bay Area music scene with the infectious, vibrant grooves that make up their debut HONCHO DREAMS LP, trio Be Calm Honcho are now signaling a new evolution. Their initial foray into dark-toned indie-pop territory comes in the form of single “Bad Man,” which premiered earlier this year via The AV Club.

“I wrote this song for my kid brother in jail,” shares Be Calm Honcho’s vocalist Shannon Harney. “In and out of the justice system, various addictions, the whole gamut of trauma and trouble and family can go through. It’s very personal, it’s very dear to me and the themes it tackles are important to the people who gravitate towards my music.”

“Bad Man” is further bolstered by a stunning to-be-released music video with Harney further sharing, “The music video for this song was a GIANT production. A crew of 30, a cast of 35…we threw down hard and I’m incredibly proud of the result.”

Look for more from Be Calm Honcho in late 2016/early 2017 and beyond and be sure to check out their upcoming tour dates below.

Be Calm Honcho Tour Dates:

11/3-11/6 @ Off Beat Festival, Reno, NV

Be Calm Honcho Links:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Youtube // Soundcloud

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Be Calm Honcho shares a stunning new video for "Bad Man" w/ a message