Casual Sex release new track ‘A Perfect Storm’

Casual Sex release new track ‘A Perfect Storm’

CASUAL SEX ‘A Perfect Storm / Pissing Neon’ double A side single, released on 7″ vinyl on 6th of October through We Can Still Picnic Records

The release of 2013’s ‘The Bastard Beat EP’ was a pivotal moment for Casual Sex. The record propelled them far from their Glasgow home. They found themselves in America, where their first ever performance made The Wall Street Journal’s Best Concerts of 2013 list before they embarked on a tour supporting indie pop stalwarts, Franz Ferdinand. Next, they found themselves in Austin, Texas as part of the official SXSW 2014 programme, before heading back to Europe for extensive tours in the UK and France – all the while working on their eagerly anticipated – now completed – debut album.

So, perhaps it’s natural that on their new, double A-Side single, the themes of change and what possible futures lie within, are explored so heavily by the band.

Listen below


Sparse analog synthesisers, metronomic drums and a restrained vocal performance combine to create Casual Sex’s most expansive and exploratory soundscape yet. ‘A Perfect Storm’ is a truly refined musical production. And, within this, in typically bleak manner, Smith examines a future based on fantasy: a lie, a ruse and most importantly, a change.

On the flip-side, the calm, dreamlike reflection of ‘A Perfect Storm’ is replaced with a bold, near-manic musical statement. A concise descriptor for the collapse of high ideals, ‘Pissing Neon’ finds the band reaching new levels of musical efficiency. Two minutes of tight, claustrophobic intensity rocket the band towards a precise ending. “No future here for you to see” Smith concludes over a tumult of nauseous synthesisers and riffing guitars. However, if these two songs are anything to go by, the future for Casual Sex is certainly brighter than those offered in these two powerful tracks.

Casual Sex are Sam Smith, Ed Wood, Peter Masson & Chris McCrory.

‘A Perfect Storm / Pissing Neon’ is released on the 6th of October through We Can Still Picnic Records and is available on limited edition 7″ Vinyl and digital download.

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Casual Sex release new track ‘A Perfect Storm’