Cello-Driven Indie-Pop Newcomers EMÆL Debut "Yellowtail (FMK)"

Cello-Driven Indie-Pop Newcomers EMÆL Debut "Yellowtail (FMK)"

Cello-Driven Indie Pop Newcomers


Announces Debut Album Glasswork

Out February 23rd

First Single “Yellowtail (FMK)” Out Now

via Bandcamp


Emerging from their SoCal roots, EMÆL (pronounced E-my-el) announces their debut album, Glasswork, slated for release on all digital platforms February 23rd. The first single, Yellowtail (FMK)” is a sprawling spin on indie-pop evoking similar creative spirits of forward thinkers like Hiatus Kaiyote.

Combining elements of chamber rock, jazz, and hip hop, the rollicking lyrical delivery and poignant sounds of band member Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess’ cello creates a harmonious neo-soul groove. The lyrics are inspired by the 13th-century poem “Chickpea to Cook” by Rumi, and explores the struggle of staying grounded when constantly inundated with monotony of daily life.

The album is curious and reflective while maintaining complex and unpredictable moments. EMÆL challenged themselves to step out of their comfort zone while maintaining the band’s indie chamber-pop sonic roots.

The five-piece band consists of Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess (vocals, cello, guitar), 
Alyssa Cantal (vocals), Daniel Kristoff (keyboards),
 Michael Womack (guitar, vocals),
 and Joris Hoogsteder (drums.)


EMÆL’s debut album Glasswork out February 23rd.

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Cello-Driven Indie-Pop Newcomers EMÆL Debut "Yellowtail (FMK)"