Centuries UK/Euro tour imminent, more dates confirmed (with Fjort, Esoteric Youth and Blank supporting on specific dates)

Centuries UK/Euro tour imminent, more dates confirmed (with Fjort, Esoteric Youth and Blank supporting on specific dates)




Ferocious Florida hardcore unit Centuries are about to tour the UK and continental Europe in support of their explosive debut full length, Taedium Vitae (Southern Lord). They shall be touring with Fjort, Esoteric Youth and Blank on specific dates – see below for a complete run down.


13. Feb GER Potsdam – Black Fleck +

14. Feb GER Braunschweig – Nexus +

15. Feb PL Gdynia – Klub Desdemona ^

16. Feb PL Warsaw – Przychodnia Squat ^

18. Feb GER Berlin – Tiefgrund ^

19. Feb GER Leipzig – Zoro ^

20. Feb CZ Ostrava Plan – B Hardcore Cafe ^

21. Feb HU Budapest – Trafik ^

22. Feb AT Kremsmünster – Jugendverein Mukuku ^

23. Feb IT Milano ^

24. Feb AT Graz ^

25. Feb AT Wien – Ekhaus ^

26. Feb GER Köln – Sonic Ballroom ^

27. Feb GER Bielefeld – AJZ

28. Feb BEL Liege – La Zone

01. Mar BEL Ypres – Joc Ieper

02. Mar UK London – The Unicorn **

03. Mar UK Hull – O’Riley’s **

04. Mar UK Manchester – TBA **

05. Mar UK Portsmouth – Edge of The Wedge **

06. Mar FR Paris **

07. Mar FR Clermont Ferrand – Sprint Bar **

09. Mar GER Trier – Exhaus **

10. Mar NL Leiden – Sub071 **

11. Mar GER Giessen – AK44 **

12. Mar GER Essen – Emokeller **

13. Mar GER Münster – Rehearsal room **

14. Mar GER Rastatt – TBA **

15. Mar GER Darmstadt – Oetinger Villa **

16. Mar NL Hengelo – Innocent **

+with Blank

^with Fjort

**with Esoteric Youth

Anything you can do to help raise awareness of these tour dates would be very much appreciated, and the band shall be available for face to face interviews whilst out on the road, so do get in touch if you are interested.


Recorded with Kris Hillbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, the album is a relentless barrage of abrasive, blackened, emotive hardcore played with utmost intensity and a strong sense of urgency. On Taedium Vitae, Centuries take their potent brew of dark hardcore, tragic melodies, volatile d-beat leanings and emotive angst-ridden vocal assault to extreme new levels.

They might be young, but they have already gained great reputation in their home state for being one of the most sincere, intense and hardworking bands, what’s more, on Taedium Vitae, they have carved a bold and assured sound which would lead anyone to believe they have been cutting their teeth for decades already.

If you would like to get your hands on a digital copy of the album, I would be glad to provide.

Centuries do what they do with incendiary passion and ire, and bulldoze through all doubts in the process. Another excellent dose of abrasive hardcore from the Southern Lord stable.”– ROCK A ROLLA
“Glass half empty or half full? For Florida’s Centuries, the answer is almost certainly “smashed into tiny shards”…Centuries concentrate on expressing violent anguish at breakneck tempos, as intense as a high-speed car smash. There’s no let-up, no pause for breath and no hope…Now that’s what K! calls emotional hardcore.”
“A relentless barrage of detonated emotional and sonic intensity, constantly on the verge of collapse and disintegration into chaos. It might testify for a lot of pain, but it is definitely beautiful to listen to…Centuries have just started, and Taedium Vitae is already up there with say, When Forever Comes Crashing…Taedium manages to push the envelope just this little bit further into the abyss the same way Comity did when their debut came out in 2002.”
“The filthy overdriven guitars and ragged vocals spew out at a furious pace.. it’s a good shot of adrenaline in the arm.”

“The songs form a cohesive barrage of anger as they slip seamlessly into one another. Vocally, it’s beyond raw and it’s easy to imagine there was blood dripping from the microphone at the end of the recording sessions.  Centuries may be tired of life, but this album is proof that there’s still plenty to be thankful for.”

“Taedium Vitae is loud, raucous, intelligent, and short. All in all, a great listen. In the end, that is all that matters, right? Here’s to hoping Centuries has a long career ahead of them. Pick them up. You will be glad you did.”

“Taedium Vitae is a striking and thrilling experience which burns physically and mentally whilst casting a wash of pleasure and satisfaction which marks the band as the future of hardcore.”

“Centuries’ apocalyptic style of hardcore reminds of label mates All Pigs Must Die with less of a crust ambience but rather black metal elements in the shape of hoarse vocals and a reverb-laden sound. Songs are short and appear desperate, so Taedium Vitae affects your soul directly instead of getting into your ear at once. The record may work as a direct means for anger management, yet has much more value due to its subtle melodic and rhythmic layers, which rather make for a long-term interest, especially since the album is short enough to be listened to repeatedly in one session.” 10/15 LEGACY

“20 minutes, right in the kisser.” FUZE GERMANY




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Centuries UK/Euro tour imminent, more dates confirmed (with Fjort, Esoteric Youth and Blank supporting on specific dates)