Chicago’s Milked (ex-Geronimo!) Share "Goodbye Durango" Video // Album Out Now on Exploding In Sound

Chicago’s Milked (ex-Geronimo!) Share "Goodbye Durango" Video // Album Out Now on Exploding In Sound

Milked Share “Goodbye Durango” Video

Death On Mars out now via

Exploding In Sound Records’ Tape Club

photo courtesy of Milked

Watch “Goodbye Durango


Milked’s new album, Death On Mars is out now, the second installment in Exploding In Sound Record’s ongoing “extra spicy” Tape Club. Destined to be an underground favorite to be discovered in the future, Milked’s official debut album is a stunning record that expands on Kelly Johnson’s former band Geronimo!’s fuzzy alternative rock, indie punk, and post-punk shimmer.

Milked are sharing a wild new video for the record’s third single and centerpiece, “Goodbye Durango.” The impossibly catchy song will dig it’s hook deep into your memory, the type of song you’ll be singing in your head for weeks and now it has an appropriately strange video to match full of warped color, Vegas decadence, and distorted retro charm.
Speaking about “Goodbye Durango,” Johnson said “this song is about the anxious feeling of wanting to move out of a city. It’s sort of the first part of an ongoing fictional character deciding to leave earth and find something else.”

“if you missed Geronimo!, this three-minute dose of noisy guitar rock ought to make you very happy. It’s a fine mix of slowcore and post-punk influences that’s as deceptively simple as it is anthemic and melodic.” – Uproxx
“Amidst a maelstrom of fuzz-tinged, melodic bass and beyond pounding drums, Johnson explores the inner turmoil of living in DIY culture, failing to live up to the activistic forward thinking that might come with the territory, and being self-aware.” – Impose
“I’m gonna say this once (and then probably many more times after) but you should be listening to new Milked record” – David Anthony
“Almost every track on Death On Mars will be a fixture on my playlist from now on, this is a distorted fuzz drenched album that means that Milked haven’t so much carried on the legacy left by Geronimo! as left it in their wake.” – The Punk Site (4.5 out of 5)
“Feelings of loneliness, nostalgia, reflection, as well as melancholy contentment are explored in this truly cosmic piece” – Modern Vinyl
“The record itself is, in the final analysis, loud and barreling, composed of anthemic guitar-rock, where Johnson sits at the table pounding fists with John Reis (Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu) and riffing mad-eyed with Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) and Joey Santiago (The Pixies).” – Post-Trash




Death On Mars
Out Now
Exploding In Sound Records
Join The EIS Tape Club

1. White Punks
2. Caledonia
3. Oscillate
4. Death On Mars (Video)
5. Goodbye Durango
6. The Cosmos
7. Picking Up
8. Cruithne
9. Enouement



Milked is the project of Kelly Johnson (ex-Geronimo!). You can place your dislike or indifference of its music squarely on his shoulders. The rest of Geronimo! (Ben Grigg and Matt Schwerin) comprises the live band for Milked. Geronimo! is still good friends. The songs from Death on Mars, Milked’s first “proper” full-length, were written by Kelly Johnson in the spring/summer of 2015, right after Geronimo! ended. They were recorded with Nicholas Papaleo through the summer of 2015 – fall of 2016. The album features Matt Schwerin (ex-Geronimo!), and Andrew and Nate Lanthrum (Troubled Hubble).


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Chicago’s Milked (ex-Geronimo!) Share "Goodbye Durango" Video // Album Out Now on Exploding In Sound