Chirping – Ambitions

Chirping – Ambitions

How exactly does a band take over the world? Chirping would like to know. Their aspiration to achieve such globalised heights was revealed last year to their native Swedish press, and while global domination is some way off, their bright new indie pop single “Ambitions” nonetheless packs a punch.

Stockholm foursome Chirping formed in 2011 following the split of two local bands. In the years since they’ve released a couple of EPs and several singles, receiving some media coverage and playing the occasional festival but otherwise going unnoticed. But time has meant direction and maturity; Their sound is increasingly well-rounded, their live shows popular on the lively Swedish music scene. Last year they also played their first international shows.

But for a band with such appetite for acclaim, for public adoration over critical posturing, this is not enough. And “Ambitions” is their first step toward an assault on the wider world. Their desire for a breakthrough meant long summer nights spent in the studio, playing football and making food between takes. At the eleventh hour Chirping acquired a mastering professional, Thomas Eberger, whose experience with luminaries such as The Hives added gloss and competence to the final cut.

By the end of the recording process “Ambitions” had taken several weeks to create, the amount of time some bands might spend recording a full album. And the results of this perfectionism are there for all to see. Polished yet authentic, favourable comparisons to poppy contemporaries such as The Drums, The Vaccines and fellow Swedish rockers Mando Diao are easy to make.

Jaunty guitars, tuneful synth and a catchy hook all collate on “Ambitions” to create a memorable indie pop offering. Vocalist Carl Vikberg bears striking aural similarity to Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, and there’s a summery underbelly that makes it a minor shame the single is set for release in the fading light of October. The music video, similarly out of season, is nonetheless as sleek as the song itself and an able visual accompaniment.

Worthy of any uplifting indie playlist, “Ambitions” is a statement of intent from a band in pursuit of much bigger things. On this evidence they’ve got what it takes to reach such heights. Blowing their previous singles out of the water, we can only hope that any future album features more of the same. 7.2/10
Katy Blackwood

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Chirping – Ambitions