Chorusgirl–Chorusgirl ( Fortuna POP!

Chorusgirl–Chorusgirl ( Fortuna POP!

Formed in London, Chorusgirl is the brainchild of German songwriter, singer and rhythm guitarist Silvi Wersing. Blending the shimmering dreaminess of 4AD bands like Lush, the noir pop of The Cure and the bittersweet electricity of The Breeders, the ten songs on the album sparkle with melody and pop nous but are “stealthily subverted by something darker.”

After several years playing in bands that either split up or fizzled out, fed up with being someone else’s bassist and feeling like the eternal chorus girl to other people’s dreams, Silvi Wersing decided to strike out on her own. Naming her own band with a heavy dose of irony, she recruited Udo Westhoff (bass), Michael Boyle (drums) and Diogo Oliveira (lead guitar) to flesh out the demos she had made on her laptop, polishing the recordings to a hi-fi sheen in Bear Cave Studios in Cologne

The album opener,  ‘Oh, To Be A Defector’ sets out a sway of Chorusgirl’s appeal, well timed vocal delivery over musical musings that drift in and out, over-pinned by  Gretch or Dolbro sounding guitar riffs add finishing touches to a classy first impression on the airwaves, although many already charmed by said song and band, know ‘Oh, To Be A Defector’ from the past few months, at least those lucky enough to see Chorusgirl live (new tour dates below). ‘No Moon’ follows brighter, pop curuppted by intent, if not just by the band’s overall mentality, I could make a solid case for arguing they’re alternative, which they are, but every tom, dick and harry claim that umbrella term too readily these days. So pop noir or noise-pop you decide. Whatever hear the winner which is ‘Girls Of 1926’ and strap in for an overall enjoyable debut album.

‘We Care About You’ is another which gives further credence to my wild seemingly boundless enthusiasm, my aspersion is that Chorusgirl are a band to cherish, anger management aside. The debut album contains more highs than a conjured average, ‘Baby Blue’ the Dick Dale-esque opening to ‘Arrows And Bones’ by lead guitarist  Diogo Oliveira signals a busy guitar workout throughput, but centre stage of all ten tracks is the vocal talent that is Silvi Wersing, to describe her lyrics and delivery as on song does not cover it, ‘Final song, Track 10’ has a boxing day feel come musical life-buoy to the festive season, just perhaps.

Remember though Chorusgirl are not just for Christmas, far from it their fuzz tinged appeal should win over the majority well through upcoming months ahead, who knows maybe Fortuna POP! could release a single or EP in the new year. An impressive keeper of an album by Chorusgirl. 8,4/10

Steve Janes

Watch Video For ‘Oh, To Be A Defector’

The band are due to hit the road for a series of dates in the UK including a launch party at London’s Victoria in Dalston on 18 November, plus dates with The Black Tambourines, Dignan Porch and The Spook School.
13/11/15: Cambridge, the Blue Moon (w Model Village, Biscuits for Bears)
18/11/15: London, Album launch party, the Victoria –  (w Wolf Girl & JUNK)
27/11/15: Sheffield, The Picture House Social (w Black Tambourines, Dignan Porch, Fruit Bomb)
28/11/15: Leeds, Wharf Chambers (w T.O.Y.S.)
01/12/15: Brighton, The Hope And Ruin (w Moss Lime)
04/12/15: Coventry, The Tin At The Coal Vaults (w The Spook School, Duck Thieves)
05/12/15: Nottingham, The Chameleon Arts Cafe, (w The Spook School, Wolf Girl)
06/12/15: Glasgow, Nice’N’Sleazy (w The Spook School, Wolf Girl)

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Chorusgirl–Chorusgirl ( Fortuna POP!