Christina Boonstra – Until My Feet Move EP

Christina Boonstra – Until My Feet Move EP

London-based singer-songwriter Christina Boonstra is that most embryonic of musical prospects, still finding her feet as a musician. Green but gifted, her debut EP Until My Feet Move highlights her unblemished potential.

Christina Boonstra was, and perhaps still is, a reluctant public performer. Writing since the age of 12, she claims that she was “too scared to take it seriously” until a nudge from friends to record and release her material. The culmination of this, after a couple of digital-only singles, is her introductory three-track EP.

Until My Feet Move was recorded in four days at a Lancashire farm house, influenced emotionally by a trip to the troubled West Bank shortly before recording begun. Members of nu-metal band Fall of Every Sparrow assisted with the sessions, and their rock influence is fleetingly noticeable in parts. Christina cites Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor as influences, and this is evident as the treads close to their style on occasion.

Until My Feet Move opens with “The Balloon Song (I Swallowed a Balloon)”, an able demonstration of Christina’s uncorrupted purity. A sweet pop song with an endearing air of innocence and twee style, it is no surprise that it has already picked up radio airplay, a strong opener for any pop EP.

Ultimately, and perhaps predictably, this turns out to be the EP’s standout work. “Perseverance” is a listenable pop-rock song in which Christina flaunts her vocal versatility, while title track “Until My Feet Move” offers an enjoyable dash of pop rigour. Both songs however suffer due to the quality of the recording, and would be more memorable with a fuller studio treatment.

With only three songs on offer, Until My Feet Move is almost over before it has begun. And it sometimes feels more like a demo than a finished work, with noticeably muddy production. Yet what it lacks in polish, it makes up for in charm, revealing a talent with the potential to develop into something special, even in a congested era where girls that play guitar are dime a dozen.

Despite the understandable limitations of her formative effort, Christina manages to shine, albeit in some parts more brightly than others. “The Balloon Song (I Swallowed a Balloon)” is the obvious highlight, although the entire EP is worth at least a cursory glance. Until My Feet Move is available to stream below, and to download via digital outlets. 6.5/10

Katy Blackwood


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Christina Boonstra – Until My Feet Move EP