City Reign: Stream current single ‘Sympathy’ Ahead of 2016 Album ‘Dasein’

City Reign: Stream current single ‘Sympathy’ Ahead of 2016 Album ‘Dasein’


‘I’m scared of the sympathy, and the way it makes me feel’

We all crave a bit of sympathy from the ones we love, don’t we? Or do we? Maybe we don’t really want sympathy. Maybe we want them to think that we’re big enough and strong enough to be there for them. To take care of them when they’re feeling low. To be their guardian angel?

‘Was it ever gonna be like you wanted it to be, like the picture in your mind?’

But things don’t always turn out how you thought they would, do they? No, life always seems to end up messier, stupider, and weirder than you could ever imagine.

Manchester, England, four-piece City Reign return with their new single, ‘Sympathy’, a much anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed 2013 album, Another Step. A full LP ‘Dasein’ will follow hot on its heels, and is due for release in the New Year.

City Reign’s new single cuts through the clichés, instead heading straight to the heart of the absurdities of life and love. And they do this through their enchanting melodies, soaring guitar hooks and driving drums.

Inspired by the likes of The National, The Smiths and Idlewild, City Reign blend the surreal with the drearily everyday, all with the instinctive blend of eloquence and aggression that is the hallmark of all the great British rock bands we know and love.

The new single was released on 20th December, with the full length LP ‘Dasein’ to follow early in 2016.

Check it out now!

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City Reign: Stream current single ‘Sympathy’ Ahead of 2016 Album ‘Dasein’