Class of 2014 at The Lock Tavern

Class of 2014 at The Lock Tavern

IAmMusic.TV have carefully put together an outstanding line up of artists who we know are going to light up 2014. Over 2013 our website has become one of the key music taste-making platforms within the UK scene. These five artists have really grabbed our attention and we’re ecstatic to have them performing live at our ‘Class Of 2014’ this January 5th.

Josh Barry is an outstanding young singer/songwriter whose talent’s over the past twelve months have completely blown us away. 2014 will certainly be the year where Josh Barry develops into a household name and a festival essential which will guarantee fans the opportunity to witness a true star.

Anna Ottridge is a dynamic songwriter who has already performed twice at our monthly talent showcase Play It Forward. Once Anna steps on to stage and engages with the crowd, her heartfelt vocals and real-life story lined songwriting, help you drift into her world.

We recently had both of these artists link up for our first ever ‘Unity Session’ filmed at YouTube. You can catch a glimpse of what’s in store at The Lock Tavern this Sunday.



Lauren Faith is an artist who supplies beautifully toned saccharine vocals upon each note. However, the young artist hailing from Derby also produces her own material which has been likened to rising star Banks. Lauren has really propelled herself into the unsigned limelight over 2013 with support from ourselves, MTV & BBC Introducing.



Warren Xclnce is a young and intensively creative producer from Nottingham. Warren’s production values have caught our ear on numerous occasions. His ability to crossover genre’s seamlessly is something we’re all looking forward to catching during his ‘live’ performance this Sunday. 2013 has been a massive year for outstanding UK producers in America such as Hudson Mohawke and we believe Warren Xclnce could certainly take sail over the Atlantic ocean and excel to new heights.



Matt Woods has been a friend of IAmMusic.TV since the start. Having met him when we filmed an Uncut session almost two years ago, we have watched his journey unfold. Currently working hard in Sticky Studios. 2014 is set to put him on the map as an artist with his literary quoting lyrics and beautiful melodies.

It’s going to be one of the greatest experiences of future stars London will offer to music scene in 2014, hosted by our very own Carly Wilford and Shan McGinley. So, come and join us at The Lock Tavern this coming Sunday the 5th of January at 2pm sharp (Free Entry).

Where: The Lock Tavern, 35 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London.
When: Sunday 5th January
Doors Open: 2.00pm


Website :::

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Class of 2014 at The Lock Tavern