Claymation video for Charles Howl’s new single Lunacy

Claymation video for Charles Howl’s new single Lunacy

Claymation! Watch Charles Howl new video for Lunacy by Christiane Matz
‘Lunacy’ OUT NOW
Album ‘Sir Vices’ out now via Ample Play
Watch LUNACY here below

a cute, neatly formed piece of jangle-pop, albeit one delivered with a sinister edge Clash Magazine

perfect combination of Brit pop and surf rock to be filed next to Allah-Las Indieshuffle

Christiane Matz ( animated the video for single Lunacy. She is an illustrator and claymator from Germany who is currently doing her Masters in MA Visual Communication at Royal College of Arts. She specialized in narrative illustration and uses a variety of media, traditional and digital. For the animated video she drew inspiration from the film Tears of The Black Tiger, which inspired the cover artwork of Sir Vices, as well as the song itself.
Having just come back from a European tour and celebrated the release of their debut album (careful, the pressed album volume is probably the highest around) on 16th March, Charles Howl, a London-based brit-psych group announce a new double A single taken from ‘Sir Vices’: ‘Lunacy’ & ‘Sighed At Me’.

Founded by two members of The Proper Ornaments, Charles Howl are some of the last children of the ‘80s, and with a Britpop upbringing, it is no wonder they have produced an album that sounds like My Bloody Valentine channeling The Stone Roses, while maintaining a contemporary charm.

1. So Long
2. Give Me Solar
3. Lunacy
4. I Love You
5. Sighed At Me
6. Peace & Quiet
7. The New Shade
8. Going Down with a Hi
9. Sky Birds Blue
10. The Right Floor
11. Without Animal
12. Field of Joy

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Claymation video for Charles Howl’s new single Lunacy