Climat Share "Barracuda" Video

Climat Share "Barracuda" Video

Watch and share the beautiful “Barracuda” Video by Climat , a live session extract from live video “Ecce Lux”.

CLIMAT – Barracuda

Format : Live Session Video

Label : Self Released / Syncope

he French instrumental quartet CLIMAT has designed its multiple and personal vision of rock music since 2010. Built on a solid bass/drum section, the duet of guitars skillfully and subtly blends melodies and distortions. Vocals give way to powerful phrases of instrumentals. As strong as fragile, its music puts forward a wide range of tones and emotions. Through the use of video projection, the shows of CLIMAT lead the audience in both an immersive and impressive experience.

In 2013, the first self-released album S.ABRAN brought the band all over France on a tour which offered the opportunity to share the stage with such artists as Civil Civic, Mars Red Sky, Seal Of Quality, Quadrupède orMicrofilm.


Back on tracks, CLIMAT has recently released a ten-track album. The new LP “ICCOPOC PAPILLON” is mostly influenced by underground cultures and pays tribute to the past two decades of rock music.



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Climat Share "Barracuda" Video