Coastal Lights – ‘Weekday’ Single

Coastal Lights – ‘Weekday’ Single

Coastal Lights


Say g’day to Coastal Lights, a fresh five piece band from the Gold Coast made up of young music lovers who know nothing but the way of music!

Formed in July 2016 by lead singer Atiya, bassist Cameron and drummer Jamie, the band cemented it’s full line up in no time thanks to fulfilling David and Angelo’s eager dreams of being in a band.

Despite their individual musical upbringings, these young sound creators found their Indie Pop/Rock vibes and instantly jumped into the deep end by sharing their music to the live Gold Coast scene only two months into forming.

Their demo of their first single ‘Weekday’ attracted a positive array of interest when offered gig opportunities by local and national venues such as The Kitchens and the Raw Artists Showcase.

Now they are excited to share their first official release through The A&R Department this January. ‘Weekday’ is a song for breaking free of expectations. The band seeks to convey a sense of, “I’m just going to do my own thing and see where it takes me.”

“Life always puts you under fire with negative opinions and judgements, its best to just centre yourself and do what makes you happy,” states the band.

‘Weekday’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Blind Boy Studios in Nerang by Brad Hosking. This song is about the grinding days we spend locked into routine or schedule without a moment to breathe. All upcoming shows and events will be posted on their Facebook page.

With no intentions of slowing down, Coastal Lights are ready to have their music heard on a global scale.


For Fans Of: Radiohead | Arcade Fire | The White Stripes | Arctic Monkeys

“Weekday” by COASTAL LIGHTS is now available in digital stores.

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Coastal Lights – ‘Weekday’ Single