Cold In Berlin New Album ‘And Yet’ Garage Show

Cold In Berlin New Album ‘And Yet’ Garage Show

Cold in Berlin are proud to launch their critically acclaimed second album ‘And Yet’ in London at the Garage, Highbury. This Friday the 7th of September. Ably supported by Terminal Gods and Party Faithful.

If the debut album and ArtRocker Album Of The Year ‘Give Me Walls’ was dark and spiky, the follow up sounds like a solid black wall of sonic death. Darker, heavier, slower, faster, better. Haunting vocals over massive drums. Driving bass versus eerie guitar lines. Choral chants of historical re-enactment. Detuned pianos, an elbow and even a guitar solo!

Cold in Berlin broke of out the east London scene to play Offset festival, tour in Europe and share stages with bands as diverse as The Chapman Family, Diary Of Dreams and Mater Susperia Vision. Still skint, heart broken and living on the fringes of society and acceptance, it is clear that alternative cultures romantic vision of DIY purity is no longer an option


Advance tickets are just £5 for an amazing night of live music and d.j’s

Facebookers can find info here

Ticket links here

and the band here

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Cold In Berlin New Album ‘And Yet’ Garage Show