Coldplay and Tom Waits albums snub streaming sites

Coldplay and Tom Waits albums snub streaming sites

Click_to_play_menuIn an attempt to chart changes in the worldwide music industry, with guitars was interested in Coldplay’ and Tom Waits new albums not to appear on streaming sites such as Spotify, Rhapsody and others. As Music Week reported earlier today, could this signal the start of changes?


coldplay-promo_5aColdplay’s label EMI has said the band will not be distributing the songs from its new album Mylo Xyloto through streaming services – but declined to give a reason why.

The album has been streamed online via iTunes, with the band offering a new track from the album each day last week on the Apple site.

However, Coldplay has said it was not going to make tracks available on streaming services including Spotify and Rhapsody. According to one insider, the band believe the album should be heard as one cohesive work.

The decision will come as a blow to the streaming sector especially following concerns overs royalty payouts from the services.

Tom-Waits-PR-2010Meanwhile, Tom Waits has also announced his new album will not be streamed on Spotify, Rhapsody and MOG.

Adele’s 21 is also not available on Spotify.

"We always work with our artists and management on a case by case basis to deliver the best outcome for each release," EMI said in a statement.

"We have strong support from the music industry," Spotify said in a statement. "We of course respect the decision of any artist who chooses not to have their music on Spotify for whatever reason. We do however hope that they In a will change their minds as we believe that the Spotify model is adding, and will continue to add, huge value to the music industry. Right now we have already convinced millions of consumers to pay for music again, and that they are generating real revenue for the music business."

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Coldplay and Tom Waits albums snub streaming sites