Control @ Mr Bradleys, Cork 23/08/2014

Control @ Mr Bradleys, Cork 23/08/2014

As part of their tour supporting the Old Firm Casuals Control played Cork for the first time. Their reputation in the Streetpunk scene is of being one of the best live bands and one of the most original as all three albums have seen them mature, progress and push the boundaries.


They are blessed with some of the best musicians on the scene and a charismatic lead singer in Iain Kilgallon. Tonight’s performance saw them as a more economical four-piece, rather than the usual five.


Opening their set with the blistering title track from their second album ‘Punk Rock Ruined My Life’, the standard was set, what followed was a selection of the best songs from the catalogue. The crowd took a little time to warm up, but by the time the band played ‘Hooligan Rock ‘n’ Roll’ there was one frenzied mosh pit that continued through other crowd favourites like ‘He’s A Skinhead’, ‘Ballad Of The Working Man’, ‘Don’t Give A Fuck’ and finishing with ‘High Time I Hung Up My Boots’ which had most of the audience in full voice singing along.


If you like your punk hard but not hardcore, with tunes but not pop-punk and with anthemic choruses but not Oi! then definitely check out Control. There’s simply no better band on the Streetpunk scene.


Control play North East Calling at University of Northumbria on August 30th, onstage at 14:10. 8.5/10


Oliver Plunkett

Video for ‘Our tattoos are the story of our lives’

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Control @ Mr Bradleys, Cork 23/08/2014