The Correspondents–‘Fear and Delight’

The Correspondents–‘Fear and Delight’

It’s hard to believe that The Correspondents have yet to release an album. Having spent four years on the touring circuit, the electro-swing duo have built up enviable renown as one of the best live acts around at the moment – aided endlessly by frontman Mr Bruce’s inimitable charisma, dress sense and dance moves. Yet still, fan favourites ‘What Happened to Soho?’ and ‘Well Measured Vice’ remain about the only proof we have the Mr Bruce and DJ Chucks have ever stepped foot in a recording studio.

It is with much anticipation, then, that the duo have unleashed ‘Fear and Delight’ upon the world – the first single to be taken from the long overdue debut album ‘Puppet Loosely Strung’ which drops in 2014. How then, can this remarkable group – who move effortlessly on stage between swing, pop and drum ‘n’ bass – continue to translate their sound from stage to studio? The answer: with brilliant effect. ‘Fear and Delight’ is a gem of a track, which sees singer Bruce navigate between a curiously subdued and quirky verse before letting rip on one of the most catchy and memorable choruses you’re likely to have heard all year.

Much of the buzz surrounding this release has come from the single’s accompanying music video, which has just been included as part of the BBC’s Music Video Festival – which is unsurprising, given the exquisitely produced and technically stunning effects on show. Directed by Naren Wilks, the video makes use of a composite camera effect which allows numerous Mr Bruces to be seen at once – dancing outrageously in unison. The kaleidoscopic detail really is mesmerising – and thankfully the group have just released a ‘Making of’ video which can put all those curious minds at rest!

The official video for ‘Fear and Delight’

‘Fear and Delight’ is bold stuff – infectious, memorable and unlike anything else being made at the moment. It sees The Correspondents staying true to their trademark sound, which will both keep old fans happy and garner themselves a host of new ones. With ‘Puppet Loosely Strung’ dangling temptingly before us early in 2014, The Correspondents have shown that they are ready to leave their own unique mark on the music scene. 8.6/10
Tom Claydon

The making of the  ‘Fear and Delight’ video

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The Correspondents–‘Fear and Delight’