My Cruel Goro’s new video premiering on Noisey

My Cruel Goro’s new video premiering on Noisey

Icelandic-Italian alt-rock trio My Cruel Goro unveil brand-new video for single ‘Lost E’.

The single is first taste of the band’s upcoming sophomore Ep.

Watch ‘Lost E’

– Directed by Massimo Scoposki, the video is premiering on Noisey



Coming in just under two-minutes, ‘Lost E’ is a buzzing, noisy burst of energy. The song encompasses hard hitting old-school numbers with abrasive guitars, raw vocals and an intoxicating rhythm section.


Bass player Andrea Marcellini about ‘Lost E’: “It’s an ode to the good old days. A fast-paced trip down Memory Lane. But even though it’s a loud and vigorous tune, I can say it sounds really nostalgic to me. Every time I listen to it, my mind goes back to my teen and post-teen years, when you know… we all had a great optimism for life. A song that really brings it all back. Yes, I can firmly state that’s pretty wistful”.

‘Lost E’ is available for streaming and free-download via Bandcamp or Soundcloud

In our world of 18-minute-atmospheric-noise-remixes-of-Adele and carefully curated cactus-and-carpet Instagram profiles, what we really need right now is unapologetic chaos. Thankfully, Icelandic-Italian trio My Cruel Goro are here” – Noisey


“The production is super sharp, and the sound is super loud. Great fit to thrash your limbs around” – Gigslutz


’Lost E’ is a buzzing, punky burst of energy with the best/oddest opening couplet we’ve heard in a while in “Sing out this song/don’t take the piss out of John”The Sound Of Confusion

Rock’n’roll at its best!” – Peek-A-Boo-Magazine


About My Cruel Goro:

My Cruel Goro consist of Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming), Andrea Marcellini (bass) and Tommaso Adanti (drums). Hailing from Italy and currently based between there and Reykjavík (Iceland), three-piece My Cruel Goro released their eponymous debut EP on 24th August 2015, featuring 3 tracks chalked-full of early 70’s energetic British rock with punk leanings, yet through the prism of a thick modern


My Cruel Goro’s self-titled debut Ep is available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud as a free download.

Keep up with My Cruel Goro:

Facebook  –  Bandcamp  –  YouTube   –   Twitter  –  Soundcloud

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My Cruel Goro’s new video premiering on Noisey