Crush – No Easy Way – Out NOW!

Crush – No Easy Way – Out NOW!



Numavi Records / Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label

Release date: August 18th 2017

Distribution: Ordis

CRUSH break hearts

On train rides back from your first love or in the third row of an open air gig.
Bitters-weet melodies, dissonant and unpredictable: Christina Lessiak‘s voice melts reverb and fuzz like a center shock melts cotton candy – No Easy Way! Stephen King‘s epic The Mist is having a (third?) revival and Crush provide its unofficial soundtrack.

His/her story and mystery amplify one another.

From the mid till the end of the 80s anglophone, mostly british underground bands (Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance,…) got flushed well into top ten. All achieved something very rare, a combination of pop appeal and high demand, charts and avant-garde. A wall of sound and a sea of blinking effect pedals affected post punk and new wave, they earned a recognized new sound. Crush go one step further and drown their instruments in reverb and delay, but never lose their song in the sound.


Band members are also involved in Maneki Nekoc, Remedy, Catholic Guilt and Circle A.

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Crush – No Easy Way – Out NOW!