Cusses’ new single "Sally and Her Tassels"

Cusses’ new single "Sally and Her Tassels"

Cusses is coming out with their first release since 2012 with Here Comes The Rat EP on June 2nd on their own Ha! Records. This hard hitting band from Savannah are going to be hitting the road to promote the EP over the summer (I’ve included dates below along with some other info below). They’ve previously been featured on Revolver, Blurt, MTVu, Atlanta Music Guide, among others.

CUSSES aren’t  easy  to  define.  However,  their  guitar  driven,  fuzzed  out  brand  of  music  reminds  you  of  the  era  of  hairspray,  leather  jackets,  spandex,  riot  grrrl,  and  arenas  full  of  smoke.  It  is  impossible  to  come  away  with  any  other

conclusion  than this: CUSSES are  bringing  real,  effortless,  speaker­‐blasting  rock  &  roll  while  at  the  same  time  you  can sense  they  take  a  jab  at  what  rock  looks  and  sounds  like.

This  effort  is  the  bands  second  recording  helmed  by  Billy  Hume  producer  for  Ying  Yang  Twins,  and  Dan  Hannon  producer for  Manchester  Orchestra.  With  these  two  gentlemen  working  with  the  band,  the  out  come  is  a  blend  of  a  gritty  to  slick,  loud  sounding  machine. Fred  Mills  of  Blurt  magazine  explains  it  best,  “The  experience  live  is  a  big  bold  sound,  and  it’s  not  for  the  timid,  either.  But  the  sense  of  psychic  exhilaration  one  comes  away  with  is  absolutely  worth  the  physical exhaustion:  these  folks  clearly  mean  what  they’re  doing,  and  you  can’t  help  but  be  swept  up  i


New single “Sally and Her Tassels”


1.  Golden  Rat

2.  Sally and Her Tassels

3.  I’m  Gonna  Get  You

4.  Teenage Monster



6/09 @529  Atlanta, GA

6/10 @JJ’s  Bohemia Chattanooga,TN

6/11 @The  End  Nashville,  TN

6/12 @ Calendonia Athens, GA

6/13 @Radio  Room  WPBR Greenville, SC

6/14 @The  Odditorium  Asheville,  NC

On  June  2nd,  Savannah based  trio CUSSES will  release  a  four  song  EP  “Here  Comes  The  Rat”  on  their  own  label  HA!  RECORDS.  The  appropriately  named  album  is  a  hint  of  what  is  to  come  with  the  bands  full  length,  “Golden Rat”.

Cusses Press Photo

Cusses Album Artwork

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Cusses’ new single "Sally and Her Tassels"