Damn Vandals – ‘Rocket Out Of London’ Out Now

Damn Vandals – ‘Rocket Out Of London’ Out Now

The new album “Rocket Out Of London” is produced by Julian Simmons (Midlake, Ed Sheeran, Guillemots, Goldheart Assembly).

Jack Kansas’s fried and frenzied vocals duel with Frank Pick’s equally explosive guitars whilst

Adam Kilemore Gardens on bass and Chris Christianson on drums deliver the urgent rhythmic backdrop.


The album’s tracks explore psychotic musical obsession, celebrity stalking, hard liquor, lazy stoners, death by dreams, hatred of school, the crippling hollowness of pornography, late nights, madness and homeland security.


The band’s exhilarating live shows have gained them a reputation as “one of the most exciting bands to surface from the UK this year (This is Fake DIY) with BBC 6Music’s Chris Hawkins adding: “Damn Vandals, a great live band, thoroughly recommend seeing them … absolutely superb, so much energy on stage, a proper rock n roll band.”

‘This Amazing’

“Damn Vandals really are that mythical band that inject new life into rock ‘n’ roll. Short and to the point, beefy, and with just the right amount of cool-as-fu*k arrogance, they’re the real deal, and ‘Rocket Out Of London’ is absolutely stonking: a rocket up the arse of the music scene”. Whisperinandhollerin


“Favourite band of mine … a good piece of work.” Shaun Keaveny BBC 6Music


A manipulative little treat … Like Fatima Mansions meets The Birthday Party at a demonically cast liquor orgy….It is a glorious swagger of caustic abrasion and acidic ingenuity honed from a brawling incitement of garage punk, psyche and stoner rock, as well as a vein of raw punk, simply put demented rock ‘n’ roll at its most addictive…. quite outstanding… Damn Vandals is no longer the potential future of certainly raw British rock ‘n’ roll and garage punk but the template”. 9.5/10 Ringmaster (Album review)

Album OUT NOW www.damnvandals.co.uk

‘Can’t Go Dancing When You’re Gone’

“Bugger me this is cool … primal raw as f**k … with all the primitive cut loose bombast and hell fire howl of the Jim Jones Revue with the devil’s poker up their tail pipe.”
The Sunday Experience

“The way rock n roll should be.” Get Ready To Rock

“They storm through ten tracks, each worthy of being released as a single … an absolute cracker.” 9/10 Louder Than War

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Damn Vandals – ‘Rocket Out Of London’ Out Now