Daniel Wiggins – ‘Summer Rain’ Single

Daniel Wiggins – ‘Summer Rain’ Single

Daniel Wiggins

‘Summer Rain’
Daniel Wiggins is a guitarist, vocalist, composer and producer from Perth, Western Australia. With an eclectic musical taste and background, Daniel’s music draws influence from progressive rock, pop, folk and jazz. His repertoire includes both vocally driven and instrumental pieces, specialising in the atmospheric and the visually evocative. Wiggins’ music has often been described as having a cinematic quality and a sense of narrative.
Daniel Wiggins’ first single ‘Summer Rain’ features long-time collaborator, Drew James Griffiths (Ur Draugr, Asphodel Creative) on backing vocals, as well as mixing and mastering duties. Ben Mazzarol (Chaos Divine) lends his impeccable drumming, while Daniel’s father, Mark Wiggins (Dilip ‘n the Davs) supplies the bass guitar. It was recorded primarily in home studios, with the drums being recorded by Brody Simpson at Underground Studios in Perth.
“I have been incredibly fortunate in being able to work with some astounding talent on this track, and the EP as a whole. ‘Summer Rain’ might be the best representation of my intent as an artist – an amalgamation of many influences and experiences that have shaped me since birth. I feel incredibly blessed that people now have the opportunity to hear the music that has been echoing within my bedroom walls for some time, and perhaps someone will enjoy it!”
‘Summer Rain’ demonstrates Wiggins’ effortless melding of melancholic balladry with progressive rock sophistication. Driven by the rich chords of the acoustic guitar, as well as Daniel’s characteristically soulful vocal delivery, the track is a rich tapestry of texture and melody. Its narrative follows the deterioration of a personal relationship, a longing for the changing season and the embracing of the self.
For Fans Of: Jeff Buckley | Porcupine Tree | Kate Bush

“Summer Rain” by DANIEL WIGGINS will be released 9th of December 2016.




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Daniel Wiggins – ‘Summer Rain’ Single