Dark Dark Horse – ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’(Little Fanfare)

Dark Dark Horse – ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’(Little Fanfare)

After After a break from activity whilst Jamie Ward toured full time with globetrotting ‘astonishing’ instrumentalists Maybeshewill, 2017 marked the rebirth of the band. But now they mark their return as Dark Dark Horse with new single  ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’ which from the early plats is persuasive. Credit to the Leicester duo comprising of Jamie Ward (producer/multi-instrumentalist) and James Stafford (singer) who collectively create expertly crafted glacial pop-electronica steeped in indie sensibilities.

Describing the new release you may understand the work and behind said single, “’And Then We Had Nothing At All’ is perhaps the most epic and ambitious song we’ve recorded so far. At over seven minutes long it defies the typical conventions of a single but it’s power, beauty and grandeur was something we felt needed its own space.” explains Ward. It’s a sound that feels totally organic and blissfully simplistic, yet stylishly layered and polished, simultaneously. “A kaleidoscope of swirling reverse synths, dusty samples from my mother’s children’s music classes, pounding drums and sweeping violin… we really threw the kitchen sink at this one.”

I still like my music live, but I am putting faith, that the two can deliver on that front also, only then, temporary doubt is that their is such a sense of focus both heavily detailed and elegant, perhaps live more of a challenge. But a strong release by Dark Dark Horse leave a positively healthy impression with last year’s ‘Luna II’   EP and recently signing a publishing deal with Warner’s W Songs, Dark Dark Horse after a brief hiatus, still hits their marks. 7.8/10

Steve Janes

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Live: Sebright Arms, London – 8th of February – Supporting HOLY

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Dark Dark Horse – ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’(Little Fanfare)