Darren Eedens announces 2015 UK dates

Darren Eedens announces 2015 UK dates

To promote debut album ‘Of My Word’ on Treestump Records




“When Darren Eedens sings, it’s like stumbling upon an old record at your grandparents’ house, pulling it out, wiping off the years and dropping the needle in the groove; the Harry Smith Anthology comes to mind.” POSTCITY

An old soul with the imagination of a child, Darren Eedens tells stories, bends truths, and creates upbeat rhythmic tracks with hauntingly morbid lyrics. With his many influences ranging from the honky tonkin’, folk and bluegrass pickers of the past, he uses his unique and powerful voice to captivate anyone within earshot.

With 2 European/ UK tours under his belt in one year, Darren will promote the album with the following shows:

Feb 10 – Mr Wolfs – Bristol

Feb 28 – Heart of Rock and Blues Fest – llandrindod Wells

March 19 – Full Moon –  Cardiff

June 19 – Edith Folk Club – Seven Oaks UK

June 26 – Square Tower – Portsmouth UK

Watch new video for ‘Man of My Word’ here:

With an unmatched live energy, he shares his views on life and more often death, shedding a beautiful light on the tragic tale. Standing on tables belting out words beyond his years, audiences are silent, only adding the necessary stomp clamps to many of the entirely acoustic pieces.  You can catch Darren Eedens playing hard and fast, with his banjo, guitar and mandolin as his weapons of choice, sometimes using his voice as his only instrument. It is not uncommon to find Darren belting lyrics out at the top of his lungs, standing on top of bars, tables and chairs. He breaks any barriers that one would expect to find when attending a show to see a solo act. His energy is unmatched and from the first note picked literally has the entire audience silent and yet ready for a party.

Watch video for ‘Murder’

Darren brings his music everywhere he can. Touring many parts of Canada, United States, UK and Europe, he travels with nothing but his instruments and the clothes on his back; he puts every penny earned into travel, food, and making more music. Darren has toured with acts such as Juno nominated Emm Gryner, and has shared the stage with the likes of Royal Wood, Melissa McClelland, Julie Dorion, Rural Alberta Advantage, Larry and His Flask, Ben Prestage and Luke Doucet.

Darren’s career is on the upward slope and his music is sure to reach you; whether it makes you simply tap your toes, drink a few too many beers, dance away, or reflect on the lesser evils of the world, you will not forget him.

‘Workin’ Man h’

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Darren Eedens announces 2015 UK dates